Incredible joy of being a human pin cushion


I finally gave into my desire to be stabbed multiple times by Domina Ari once again and experienced the utter thrill of needleplay once again.

It has been almost two years since I first braved it and the feeling of euphoria I enjoyed back then was something that has stayed with me ever since. I wanted to experience it all again.

Of course it was always going to be with Domina Ari! Not only is she my favourite but I trust her implicitly and she proved she knew what she was doing first time around.

So it was off to Domina’s rather glorious lair to be pricked a couple of dozen times!

But this time things were going to be different as she told me not to worry about shaving my chest prior to the session, which suited me fine as I find that a massive chore! I have a lot of chest hair (affectionately known as “Epping Forest” to my opponents who find their faces buried amongst it) so I wondered what she had planned instead.

Ari Wax

The answer came in the form of two packets of waxing strips! I’ve never been waxed before but I’d heard all the horror stories about how painful getting waxed can be. But I have to say, everyone was wrong…IT HURT 10 TIMES MORE THAN ‘THEY’ SAID IT WOULD!!!!

My word. As Domina ripped those strips off, the pain was incredible. My chest felt like it was on fire and I felt like the ordeal wouldn’t end. What made it worse was I hadn’t trimmed it before hand so she had to use many strips to free my body of the forest.

Domina of course was loving it. In fact, I bet she was annoyed that I was wearing a mask as she couldn’t see my face contorted with agony every time she tore off a wax strip with uncontrolled glee!


She could certainly hear me though and admonished me many times for being weak and pathetic. She also had to stop me from rubbing my sore and, no doubt, red raw chest. Nothing like being punished by a mistress after she has inflicted some exciting pain on you!!

But I ultimately survived it and my chest was ready for the main task in hand. I could feel my whole body bristling with excitement and anticipation.

Yes, there was no element of surprise or the unknown this time but that didn’t hamper it at all. And Domina was all set to be even more creative with her needles than she was last time.

She cleaned my chest area and made sure everything was all set and ready. And then I heard her removing the needles from the packaging.


I knew what was coming and I took an intake of breath and braced myself. I felt the needle pierce my skin and I winced and felt the rush of exhilaration that I had been wishing to experience again for almost two years.

Wow! I gripped the sides of the bench I was lying on and bit my lip and Domina moved on to the second needle. I let out a slightly agonised groan when it went in. But I was loving it!

She worked her way through her stash and each time the excitement built and I was in sheer bliss. Of course it stung a little with each needle but that was the whole point. Needleplay gives you an incredible pain!

Domina Ari was in top form, of course. Looking beautiful as always and in her no-nonsense mistress mode, she skilfully created her chosen pattern on my chest.


The whole session was astonishing again. I didn’t think I could feel the same elation as last time as I knew what to expect this time but that wasn’t the case at all. I guess its the same as wrestling – I’ve wrestled Ari so many times but each new session provides a fresh delight. This is what happened here.

She took photos of her handiwork when she finished. I lay there, knowing I had more than a couple of dozen needles in me. They didn’t hurt but there was something edgy about being able to feel so many in me.

I remember last time when people who witnessed Domina Ari piercing me all winced and confessed they would be able to do it. As I lay in her dungeon this time around, I felt more than a hint of pride that I’d done it again.

She made me count the number of needles as she removed them one by one – a thrill in itself – until we got to the 31st and last one! I was rather impressed with that, even if I do say so myself!


I lay down for a few minutes to get myself together. Certainly not advised to get up quickly after such a piercing session but it also gave me time to reflect on the joy of the session. Amazing.

There was a time when my sole interest in the scene was wrestling but Domina Ari has opened up a whole new world that I love being part of.

The fact I was looking forward to this as much, if not more, than a wrestling session is incredible – given my love of grappling. It proves how amazing Domina is. It is her professionalism, talent and encouragement that has opened my eyes to this world.

If you want to try something different and daring, then I can certainly recommend needleplay with Domina Ari. It’s a phenomenal sensation like no other I’ve experienced so far…



IMAX-imum impact!

Max Girls2

(Original Max: Viper, Lexi, Siren & Kat with another victim!)

Around two years ago, the UK session wrestling scene was rocked to the MAX when a new team of kick-ass beauties emerged.

They bought MAX-imum pleasure with their fighting skills, unique personalities, sheer beauty which provided our scene with a thrilling shot in the arm.

I have never felt things have gotten stale but there is no harm in something fresh and exciting coming along and, having met most of them, I’m delighted that the emergence of this band of badass beauties didn’t turn out to be a massive anti-cliMAX!

Have you worked out who I’m going on about yet? Of course, I am talking about the fabulous Irish Max Academy who, it is fair to say, have taken the scene by storm having seemingly come out of nowhere.


(Avenger and Maximus)

They are made up of originals Kat, Viper, Lexi and Siren and have recently been joined by Avenger Max and their only male member Maximus Max!

Not content with just having the official super six, they also have the significant matter of Heidi and McKenzie as affiliated wrestlers to the overall stable!


(Heidi and McKenzie)

They have their own base in Cork but they also frequently travel across to England for shows and sessions.

But who are they? How did they get together? And why Irish when almost all of them don’t appear to be from the Emerald Isle?!

To find out all this and a lot more, I decided to get all Jeremy Paxman on their asses and grill the “original quartet” – and what an insight they gave me!

Viper said: “The whole Max Girl thing came about because Kat liked the idea of having a team, all following the same ethos, all supporting each other and all challenging and developing themselves physically.

“Kat has been into the gym for years and loves combining a sport with having a lot of fun at the same time. 

“We all met in a time long ago where crazy notions and abstract ideas bought us all together.

“We were living very different lives to the one we live now and have had a very interesting journey along the way, dipped our fingers in some delicious pies along the way and then found ourselves sat on men’s faces and wanting to increase in strength and mass, not your normal girls next door you could say.

“We have always been extremely focussed on female empowerment and thanks to Kat’s experiences found the wonderful world of wrestling was a gateway for just that.”


Most definitely not your average girls next door! But no matter how crazy and unusual their minds were working, surely they had some background in combat sports or something to lead them down this path?

Kat said: “I started wrestling over in Australia seven years ago. I was a member of a gym and they had grappling classes.

“The second I started learning how to grapple I knew wrestling was for me! I absolutely loved the closeness of wrestling and the mental focus it required to get out of certain holds.

Kat Max2

“I found it incredibly exciting and am so glad I’ve now progressed into this being a full time job for me – even though it isn’t like work at all!!!”

Siren – the artist formerly known as Baby – added: “I have never done any kind of contact sport before, I was always more interested in performing arts as a hobby.

“Have been a big fan of the gym but have only wanted to take it more serious in recent years.


“Work wise I have had a sales background but have spent most of my time raising my children.”

Viper said: “Yes – I’ve done boxing, and as a child I did Tae-kwon Do. I’ve always liked a good spar!”💪🏽

Viper Max3

Lexi: “When I was younger I used to play rugby for my local club and have always enjoyed things like body combat and boxing at my gym.

“Anything where I can throw my weight around has always appeal to me!”

Lexi Max

And the scene has certainly responded positively to the IMAX girls coming along and throwing their weight around! A positive reaction that has certainly been appreciated by the girls themselves.

Kat: “I’ve always found every single female in the scene very welcoming, friendly and helpful.

“It’s funny because we often fight competitively but I’ve never found that anyone gets aggressive or is out to hurt another woman.

“There’s a real ethos of strong empowered females in this scene and I absolutely love it.

“The male fans are all so lovely. Before I started doing the wrestling so much I didn’t have much body confidence and now I feel so comfortable in my own skin and that’s definitely thanks to the fans who have given me so much support and shown so much appreciation for my larger than most size!”


Siren: “Coming into this scene has been like a breath of fresh air. It’s so inspiring to see women being totally accepting if one another and encouraging one another.

“It’s also so refreshing to see so many women who are totally comfortable in their own skin and not feeling the need to fit any kind of criteria.

“All the men on the scene have been incredibly respectful, you get your odd cheeky chap from time to time but the good certainly overpowers the bad.

“We could not have dreamt of the kind of reception we have received and the fantastic opportunities we have been given.

“We love our work and a big part of that is because of the amazing people we get to work with.”

Siren Avenger Max

Lexi: “I love the scene! Everyone has been so nice and it surprised me if I’m honest about how nice all the other wrestlers are.

“You never know in a female dominated scene if people will be a little cold with newbies but I can honesty say everyone I’ve come into contact with has been lovely. Especially the lovely Monica.”

Viper: “The scene is such a buzz of activity – especially on Twitter and leading up to events! The Max Girls have definitely been welcomed into it all with open arms!

“We’ve experienced the best banter and friendly feistiness in the scene and love being a part of the madness, as we ourselves are all a little bit mad.”


But, like with anything, there are good and bad things about the scene. What are the girls’ favourite bits and worst aspects?

Siren: “The best things are the people, the excitement of the variety, we literally never know what we are doing from week to week.

“We get to work with our best friends as a team and our job is about having fun.

“The worst things are losing to people when we have given it large on Twitter due to certainty that we will thrash their arses!! (Referring to anyone in particularly there, Siren?!)

“Being injured can be seriously rough too!”

Max bums

(MAX ASS! Definitely a good thing…)

Viper: “Worst first – people sometimes think we are an agency 🙈 We are just a team who love working together!

“Best – making a living from something so fun and meeting great people along the way.”

Lexi: “The best is definitely all the lovely people, everyone is super friendly and I love doing the events because you get to meet so many people who I’d never meet if I wasn’t in this scene.

“The worst would be when you get injuries, but luckily for me I’ve only picked up a few minor ones so nothing is really that bad!”

Kat: “Best things for me is all the travelling we get to do and also the people we get to meet.

“Worst would be the same as Lexi, I feel like I’m constantly walking around with something that’s sore! 😂”


Of course, one of the biggest positives for these ladies is they are all part of the same team. It’s quite obvious to me that they are tight and extremely supportive of one another (either when I’ve seen them in person or reading their tweets). The benefits of having stablemates is certainly not lost on them.

Kat: “We always have that support right there. I love it when we are in London or somewhere in Europe and we all stay together in the hotel. We stay up until about 5am most nights just laughing and chatting even tho most of the time we have a session at 9am!

“We genuinely love each other and genuinely want to make sure everyone’s OK.

“In the past when one of us has had maybe a bad session, perhaps an injury or someone who went a bit too rough, we are always there to pick each other up. I like that cos it makes you wanna pick yourself up and keep going.”

Max Girls

Siren: “We get to work as a family and enjoy the experience with one another.
“It’s awesome to watch one another progress and develop and grow in confidence and strength.

“Our aim is to eventually take over the world so we think that we are doing quite well so far.

“I love watching the girls in their matches, I guess you could liken it to a football fanatic watching their team play. Its so exciting.”

Viper: “Well we get compliments like being “kick ass”! And we all keep each other feeling good about what we do, and life in general.

“There’s a lot to be said for having a crew that will love and support you, and who all want to love and support others too.”

Lexi: “The fact we’re a team, it makes all the difference when you know you travel together, have fun together, laugh together and learn new skills.

“I think what we have is super special and I’m very proud to be a Max Girl!”

Max trio

So what next for this super special crew? Each day seems to see their reputation enhanced and their list of accomplishments grow. The IMAX juggernaut is most certainly rolling on!

Siren said: “Obviously world domination is a must!

“But seriously we just want to keep having fun and encouraging girls to become a part of a scene in which they are shown respect and can empower themselves physically and mentally.

“There’s so much more to this than what happens on the mat – the friendships that are built, the physical changes from the dedication to the craft, and self discovery as well, we have found.

“It’s satisfying on so many levels, and as long as that can be kept a constant then we have no plans to be anywhere else.

“We have lots of plans with the clip stores and events, so things can only get bigger and better really!”

Irish Max

Amen to that! But come on. Why Ireland? I’ve heard an Aussie accent and unmistakably English tones from the MAX girls I’ve met. So who put the I into IMAX? Kat was more than happy to explain…

“We have one girl with a beautiful Irish accent and two others who hold Irish passports, one has Irish ancestors, one of us has dated an Irish man and we all know at least one Boyzone song, so it makes perfect sense!

“But seriously Ireland feels like home and for us it’s where MAX Academy was born.”


You can book one of the IMAX amazons and find out more by emailing, visiting their website or by following them all on Twitter.

Their ever-growing clips store is available here:

It’s been five years…


Due to ‘real life’ getting in the way, a rather special personal anniversary came and went a few days ago without acknowledgement from me.

April 29 marked five years since I took the plunge and had my first ever mixed wrestling session with Chanel from Polefighters in Walsall. And I never looked back.

I’ve wrestled so many stunning and talented ladies and met so many good guys. Come across a few pricks as well, but let’s not dwell on that!

The scene has changed a hell of a lot too. People who I miss have come and gone while my ability to session as much as I’d like to has diminished. On the flipside, though, I do love it. There are a lot of exciting new people, places and opportunities for fun!

So here are a few of my highlights and lowlights from five years as a (crap) wrestler:

Inferno – my favourite


The one constant in my life on the scene, pretty much from the start to the present day. And I’m certain it will continue well into the future! Yes, I know I always talk about her but I make no apologies for that.

She was my second ever opponent and the first I sessioned with for an hour. I liked her instantly from the first email she sent in response to my query about a session. She was a delight to meet in person and phenomenal on the mats. I was hooked straight away!

I even met her wonderful partner Kiwi at the first session. He has a coolness that I can only dream of having and even gave me some useful tips, quickly becoming my cheerleader!

In my first year, I had six sessions with her. There have been many more since. Familiarity hasn’t bred contempt in this case, that’s for sure. In fact, each session seems fresh and different and I leave always desperate to book her again!

Inferno v Mike

I’m a dedicated fan and supporter but I’m delighted that we’ve also become good friends. I love messaging her, tweeting about or directly to her, buying clips featuring her, watching her at shows and of course rolling around with her on the mats!

Such is the trust I have in her, I’ve even let her drip hot wax on my back and stick needles in my chest! Inferno has introduced me to a whole new world in her Domina Ari role and I really couldn’t have a better mistress!

Inferno ALWAYS delivers. Her focus is on the clients and she knows how to adapt to people with such different tastes and requirements.

She’s had a rotten past year or so and tough anniversaries have either come or are coming up that will weigh heavily on her.

But her courage and her determination to bounce back has been an inspiration. I’m in awe of her and am proud as her friend and supporter. Best thing of all is she’s still not where she wants to be. So she’s going to get even better and better. She is exquisite in every way.


So yes, I do go on about her. But with damn good reason. I absolutely love this phenomenal and incredibly beautiful girl and I couldn’t have a better favourite!

Shay Hendrix – my most missed

Like I said earlier, people have come and gone from the scene. But none have been missed by me more than the one and only Shay Hendrix.

She was a fabulous session wrestler. Strong, skilled and a whole lot of fun – that’s before I even get on to her jaw-dropping beauty.

At first, it seemed as if I’d never get to session with her as we could never arrange a session for a time and location that would suit both of us! When we finally did, she exceeded my expectations and I loved every second of all the sessions we had.


She also brought this blog a lot of focus and attention with her startling account of the abuse she received from idiots. Shay was brutally honest and raw but also engaging to read. It is still my most read post almost five years later!

And to round off the package, she is also an incredibly funny person! At times, even more so than her comedian husband!

A lot of great wrestlers have joined the scene in the couple of years or so since she quit through injury and health reasons. But there is no one quite like Shay! I miss wrestling her a lot.

Chanel – my biggest influence


Quite simply, if it wasn’t for Chanel then I would probably wouldn’t be in the scene!

It was she who pitched the idea to me, she who talked me through what it would be like, she who gently coaxed me into trying it and it was she who gave me advice and useful tips. I also fell in love with the sport as a result of the two half hour sessions we had right at the start.

If I didn’t enjoy them or if she hadn’t been so lovely and patient and fun, then I might never have come back and I’d have missed out on all the joy of the past five years.

The first ever live wrestling show I attended was organised by Chanel at Polefighters too and I remember thinking how exciting it all was!

My first ever win even came against her! She had taught me very well and was delighted to see me progress. She didn’t begrudge me victory at all!

To my eternal shame, I’ve not seen Chanel or sessioned at Polefighters for a number of years. I had branched out and started going to London and Manchester far more and we lost touch.

But I’ll never forget her influence!

Honourary Mention: Pippa L’Vinn! An absolute wrestling legend and one of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet! A tough mama too!! Love this woman. And you should too!


The scene idiots – my biggest gripe

Oh, where to begin. From the utter arse-wipes who think they are the ultimate authority on the scene to the little pricks who take the piss in a variety of ways, there are plenty of idiots around.

Now, I know I have my faults. And I know I’m one of the scene idiots from the point of view of some other guys. But firstly, this is my blog and secondly, I don’t care!

Guys – here’s a reality check for us all. Our views are not all that important. Engage with your favourites, book sessions, buy clips, treat them via their wish lists, whatever. But the rest of it? No one cares.


I’ll engage with anyone I want to. I don’t care if you think I should boycott *this* wrestler, or if *that* wrestler insulted you, or if you think I’m too obsessed with Inferno or whatever.

I’ve been told I’m too nice, too much of an arse-kisser, been accused of being racist, been blocked…I don’t care!! As long as I don’t offend the girls, I’ll never care what other guys think of me. My hobby, my rules!

It’s great there are so many great guys and I’m delighted to be mates with them and have a laugh. But jesus, the idiots can bloody do one…

Taking on Inferno & Jade – my favourite matches


I’ve never been the bravest of men. But for some reason, I was convinced I could take on Inferno and Jade at the same time and survive!

I did a 2v1 at Monica’s Wrestling Centre and then teamed up with RP (@Roleplay_Fan on Twitter) for a 2v2 Bondage Wrestling contest at The Submission Rooms. Surprise surprise, both ended with me being battered!

You may have already noticed that I am a fairly big fan of Inferno…! But throwing Jade into the equation just doubled the delight to be had! She’s clearly gorgeous and brilliant and they are wrestling besties so are able to work together and be devastating together!

AriJade Bound3

Both girls were ruthless and wanted to not just beat me but humiliate me. They succeeded and I bloody loved every second.

In the second match, with RP taking half the punishment, we actually kept them at bay for some time before the inevitable demise!

Being tied up by two of the most skilled and beautiful girls in the scene and then having them stand on us as if we were doormats was something rather thrilling! Love them!

AriJade bound

Honourable mention: Inferno beating me with a broken leg! It was her return to action following last year’s horrific injury. She was still recovering from it. It was meant to be a light session. And it was. For her. For me, I got my usual ass-kicking and yes, she beat me easily even with a broken leg!! Utterly brilliant and amazing to see her back. And you *still* question why this girl is my favourite?!

MWC and The Wrestling Factory – my favourite venues

Right, let’s get one thing straight. Everywhere I’ve wrestled is fabulous. Anywhere which allows us to engage in this damn fine hobby is a place of worship, as far as I’m concerned.


But in the case Monica’s Wrestling Centre in London and Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory in Manchester – those rings though!!

Yes, both venues have wrestling rings and a hell of a lot of mat space too which makes them exceptional.

Pippa’s place is a northern paradise for us session wrestlers while Monica did the scene proud when she moved from her tiny old venue to this refurbished Walthamstow wonderland.


I’ve had matches in both rings, I’ve watched shows take place in both rings – they are incredible places where I find my wrestling heaven!

Miss Zoe Page – my surprise wrestling delight

I’d met Zoe Page a couple of times at Dodgy Dave’s brilliant Woking venue (unlucky not to get a mention above!) when I was sessioning with Inferno. I just thought she was incredibly gorgeous model and mistress who was doing her thing while we wrestled.

I’d never ever considered the fact she might be a wrestler herself! So to find this beauty was indeed a fantasy session wrestler…BOOM!


After a few frustrated attempts to arrange a session, we finally faced off for a session at Ari’s Splosh Day and had an incredible time! She is sexy, hilarious, great fun and can wrestle a fair bit too. Her dinosaur impressions are even better!

She kicked my butt the first time so a rematch was essential. We had all the same laughs again although I sneaked the win in the end.

Zoe Page is an absolute doll and a rather brilliant fantasy wrestler!

Zoe Page4

A (short-lived) retirement – My biggest conundrum

Fell in love with a girl. A few years ago now. It was incredible. Imagine the most beautiful girl in the world telling you she loves you. That dream came true.

But she wasn’t in the scene. So what do I do? Despite us all knowing there is nothing wrong with what we do, ‘normal’ life just doesn’t get it. I couldn’t risk losing this girl. So I retired from the scene.

Alas, she ended up breaking my heart and so I returned less than a year later! Actually, I had sneaky sessions with Inferno of course while I was retired. But she is a mate so that was ok!

I can’t thank the scene enough really. I hit rock bottom but it was this brilliant scene and some bloody great records (not to mention cigarettes and beer) that got me through the worst times.

I won’t lie. There were a few moments I wished I was still retired. I miss what I had with her. But seeing as I was dealt the blow, I’m sure as hell glad wrestling was in my life.

One other thing about Inferno – when I met that girl and was all in a whirl, she gave me the advice I needed and encouraged me to go for it. Bearing in mind I am a regular client of hers and I was on the verge of quitting session wrestling, the fact she put me first when giving advice is something I’ll be eternally grateful for. Now, that’s what I call a friend.

Girls, Girls, Girls – Those I’ve wrestled and those I’d like to wrestle

Lisa King

(Lisa King)

Over the years, I’ve wrestled the likes of Pippa L’Vinn, Lisa King, Axa, Laken, Minxy Li, Amethyst, Scorpion, Serenity Steele, Thunder, Venom, Dark Angel and many more…it’s like a who’s who of the wrestling scene! I’ve never had a bad session. That’s incredible!



Amongst those I’d like to wrestle: Raven, Juicy, Nexus, Havanna, Pussy Willow, Xena, Sativa…ahhhh, there’s so many of them!!! I need to stop talking about it though. Otherwise I’ll be no better than those guys who never book sessions…

The Max Girls – A huge boost for the scene

IMAX Girls

The past is great and I always look back. But the future is where it’s at whether we like it or not! And the future in our scene is a lot brighter because of the emergence of the IMAX girls!

I mean just look at them! They’re beautiful. And They’re brilliant. And they’ve been a breath of fresh air for this scene!

I’ve only had the pleasure of wrestling Siren Max (TAFKAB – The Artist Formerly Known As Baby!) and it looks like I’ve talked myself into a rematch with her after I fluked a win against her last month! She’s so gorgeous and talented that I don’t think I’ll fair so well next time.

But I want to wrestle the others too in time. They have a stable of around seven and the ones I’ve met are outstanding while the others seem to be just the same!

Sometimes, the scene can get a bit stale but these IMAX girls have given it a real shot in the arm. I look forward to seeing a lot more of them as time goes on!

Max Girls

So that’s it. My very long look back at five years in the scene. I might moan and complain sometimes. But I do love being here. And I certainly look forward to five more years of incredible fun and getting my arse well and truly kicked….mostly by Inferno of course!

Mr Bean’s Baby love!


I’ve been incredibly fortunate that I’ve never had a bad session in five years of doing this crazy sport.

But some sessions and girls are more memorable than others and you can bet your life that this grudge match between myself and Baby Max fits into this category!

A session with any of the fabulous Max girls has been long overdue and, after a lot of trash talking and gif wars via Twitter, it was inevitable that my first battle would be against gorgeous Baby.

As soon as this one was booked, the gloves were off! Baby v Bean (I bear more than a passing resemblance to Mr Bean!). The Stunning Beauty v The Skinny Beast.


I warned her that I’d prove that Baby can be put in the corner while she simply threatened to do horrific damage to my Bean-like features. Dana White couldn’t have hyped this one up any better!

I was nervous, of course. But mostly excited. Especially as this was my first session in a hotel room which gave it an added dimension.

Bonus for me was seeing Kat and Viper Max before we got started. All the Max girls are amazing!

And Baby was ready for action on the mats. She looked incredible. Of course, having seen photos of her, I knew she was a hottie but she looks even better in person!


After posing for the photos you see here, we went at it. And, do you know what? I won! Seriously, this ain’t no belated April Fools’ joke. I actually won! First time in over a year!

Now, I could go on a long spiel about proving all you doubters wrong but that would be unfair on Baby and would tell the whole story. The reality is, I got incredibly lucky!

We started off testing each other out and seeing what each of us had. But it was me who struck first after catching her in my infamous body scissor that has made many (well, some) girls tap out in the past.

She seemed shocked and my confidence went through the roof. We continued to roll around and battle hard and I was using my height advantage very well while also evading her attempts to lock me in grapevines and head scissors.


The room was hot and this played into my hands and provided me with the luck I needed. Baby was working up a sweat which enabled me to keep slipping out of her holds!!

She was understandably frustrated as I’d just slide my way out of guillotines, scissor holds and even an arm bar. It wasn’t through skill or power, anyone who knows me will understand that.

Not that she was entirely unsuccessful of course. Baby made me tap through punishing head scissors, guillotine and body scissors.

But it was during those lucky, slippery moments when I managed to take advantage. I wasn’t as sweaty as Baby and so when I locked on my trusty body scissor (it’s the only move I used all match really!), she couldn’t slide out as easily as I could hers.


A couple of times I think she submitted just because she was stuck, rather than suffering between my legs! But, I’ll take anything!

But she was quick, strong (those thighs – my god!) and determined to battle back (the amount of times I heard a Hulk-like roar as she went for me…!) and I held on for dear life, waiting to try and slide my way out of her moves.

There were cheat moves too, of course. I plunged her face into Epping Forest (my chest hair), sang songs with the word Baby in the title over and over and over again, tried to bite her and distract her with compliments, making her lower her guard!

She wasn’t totally innocent either though – elbows and forearms between my legs and torturous tickling which made me squeal and laugh louder than Demented Hyena, apparently!

But it was me who managed to hold on for a stunning 5-4 victory! I really don’t know how I survived, in all honesty. I was absolutely shattered at the end and in so much pain. I’m writing this while aching all over too!

I’d love to say my victory was a result of being the better wrestler and then gloat about it on social media for the rest of my life. But I don’t think that is true or what I should do!

Baby is immense. Some might raise their eyebrows at her losing to me but that shouldn’t detract from her magnificence. She produced a wonderful, fun session exactly how I wanted it.

After all, I am a customer and it’s about the quality of the session first and foremost. And the quality here was off the scale – one of the best I’ve had. It’s only because I’m an anal geek that I record all the scores – win, lose or draw – anyway!


Of course, this won’t stop all the jokes and jibes on social media! There has to be some payback against those who predicted my demise.

But joking aside, I can’t recommend Baby highly enough. Her talent is on par with her stunning, beautiful looks! I can’t wait to see her again! And anyone who claims to be a session wrestler must surely book her.

I’ve been saying for a long time that I felt all the IMAX girls have been a breath of fresh air in this scene – the best thing to happen in it for a long time. So to experience one of them in session and find they are better than what I thought is truly delightful.

I’ll be seeing more of them in coming sessions. And I’ll be featuring them on this blog more too.

But just remember, I proved that Baby can be put in the corner after all! 😉

Bound to love this session!

AriJade bound2

“Would you be interested in teaming up with me to take on two hot female wrestlers in a bondage tag team match?”

I won’t lie, I’ve had far less exciting and appealing DMs on Twitter! This intriguing and throughly interesting message from a fine fellow by the name of Roleplay Fan (@Roleplay_Fan to be exact) was a delight to receive.

There was no acting cool or coy about it. I metaphorically bit off his hand as I didn’t want to miss out! A wrestling two v two match where the winner would be the ones who successfully tied their opponents up and immobilised them!

After a discussion over messages, we ended up with the prospect of facing Inferno (have I ever mentioned I’m a fan of hers?!) and Pippa the Ripper of Submission Rooms fame.

In fact, there had been the prospect of a three ladies up against us as Syren was originally going to take part but sadly (or luckily from our point of view) she had to withdraw.

As the day approached, I was excited! Like a child on Christmas Eve. RP was sorting absolutely everything out and I was going to enjoy a totally new experience. What a guy!

Unbeknownst to each other, we were actually at the live show at Monica’s Wrestling Centre the day before! But as we had never met before and didn’t know each other, we never spoke. Had we known, we could have discussed our tactics for securing victory!

AriJade Bound5

On the big fight day, we were greeted with some bad news. Pippa was injured and unable to take part, which was a shame for me personally as I’ve never met her before.

But RP is clearly a man who makes things happen and he managed to arrange a replacement straight away. And that replacement came in the form of Inferno’s great friend Jade!

Suddenly, we were up against Team Besties!

Not only do they work together so well, they look damn hot together – as these photos demonstrate!

RP was clearly aware of my record against Inferno. No wins, no submissions in my favour and no chance of that changing anytime soon. He would also have been aware that Jade has roundly kicked my butt on a number of occasions before too!

So we were agreed that I was the weak link and I’d have to step up to give us any chance of at least a draw.

In my favour was the fact that I was the freshest out the lot of us. Inferno and Jade had wrestled at Monica’s show the day before (including against each other – swoon!) and RP had taken on a few sessions in the previous two days.

AriJade bound4

And, you know what? My freshness actually showed as we faced off on the Submission Room mats! Initially, Jade and RP went at each other while Inferno and I carried on our usual battles!

I practically leapt on Inferno and didn’t let her get the early advantage. Jade jumped on RP and tried to take him down but just found herself hanging off him! (He is very tall!).

Soon, I was pushing Inferno’s face into the abyss that is my chest hair – or Epping Forest as I like to call it and I could hear Jade squealing too. RP must be doing his thing, I thought. RP must be kicking ass, I thought. “You’re doing really well!”, RP shouted at me and I really was!

We might even do better than the draw we were confident of getting beforehand, I thought…

Oh, how naive of me! Suddenly, RP was making pained noises and sounding defeated. I looked up to see Jade on top of him and RP almost waving the white flag after just a few minutes!! What?!

I managed to get away from Inferno (who was starting to dominate me as per usual) and shove Jade off him. But all this did was prompt a swap and now Jade was pummelling me and Inferno was destroying RP!

AriJade bound6

While it made a change for me not to be the actual weak link, it was getting harder and harder to keep Jade at bay.

It got even harder when Inferno had managed to tie up my partner, leaving me facing the prospect of facing Team Besties all on my own.

I was resisting rather well (even if I do say so myself) using all the dirty tactics I could muster when RP stopped laughing at me gettting attacked and managed to free himself.

But his second wind was rather short-lived as he sat slumped against the wall catching his breath after his last valiant effort to help me – his session-filled weekend finally getting the better of him!

Meanwhile, I was trapped as Inferno had managed to start tying my legs up while Jade sat on my back giving me chicken wings!

AriJade Bound3

RP was full of praise, of course. As he sat there sipping water and recovering, his encouragement and surprise at my unexpected resistance made all the difference as the girls beat the crap out of me and tied me up!!

I kept trying to get free – and accidentally caught Inferno in the face with a stray foot (SORRY!). This riled her up enough for her to finish me off.

Soon, both RP and I were completely tied up and both Inferno and Jade were taking it in turns to stand on me and celebrate with their victory poses.

AriJade bound

Oh, and we were both spanked really hard while we were in our helpless state! Inferno even bruised her fingertips after spanking my ass with such venom!

So, not the draw we were rather ambitiously hoping for but I think I can safely speak for RP and say it was definitely the fun and incredible session we wanted.

It was so exciting to do something different. I love Inferno and Jade and have wrestled them many times so it is a thrill to do something new.

And for that, I must thank RP for thinking of me and inviting me to join in. It was a great idea and I was delighted to be part of it. Even if I was expecting more resistance against the ladies from him!! 😉

But the main thing is we all had such a fun time. The rematch, though, will belong to the boys…!


Inferno ignites my new wrestling year!


I swear I had it. I swear Inferno was about to tap. For the first time ever.

Right at the end of a session where I’d obviously gotten my arse well and truly kicked, I caught her in one of my vicious body scissors and squeezed hard.

She screamed out in obvious pain and I’d never seen that look on her face before. I was certain I’d finally got her.

But the stubborn cow resisted! My legs tired and then the alarm went to signal the end of the session! My dream of making her tap crumbles into dust once again!


Anyway, yes, I kickstarted my 2018 wrestling season with a session with my favourite. Of course I was always going to wrestle her first this year. She is wonderful. Talented and beautiful. My favourite, my friend and my ‘obsession’.

We last wrestled back in September while she was still recovering from her broken leg (she still kicked my arse and still refused to bloody submit!). Now she is stronger, although still working her way back to her best.

I couldn’t beat her when she had a broken leg so I didn’t hold out much hope for this one. We wrestled at Dodgy Dave’s wonderful place in Woking and had the added pleasure of seeing the glorious Zoe Page who was there too.

Of course, Inferno didn’t let down on the ‘choosing a great outfit’ and ‘looking great’ stakes. She’s a natural beauty for sure!


With my eyes put back in place after they’d popped out the sockets, we got down to the serious business.

Inferno attacked and I did my best to defend. I managed to fend off her serious attacks for about a minute and a half (might not sound long but count it slowly and it’ll seem quite impressive!) before she went to work.

And she really hit me her best shots! Out came the head locks, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars and, as a result, my squeals of pain.

The first two submissions came with a head lock/body scissor combination while the second was a brilliantly executed cross body pin and arm lock.


Amazingly, it wasn’t all one way traffic. I did try to get on top. I also managed to get my scissors on or almost on before she fought out.

I did make her shout out in agony when I surprised her with a bear hug! Naturally she didn’t submit because she’s a cow and rather tough but at least I proved I can battle with her.

So it was at this point she ramped things up and started doing all kinds of things that left me hurting badly. Her bendy flexible legs attacked me from all angles, my arms felt like they were being ripped out of their sockets and my hand was stinging from tapping the mats hard.

When she got brutal on my ankles forcing me to tap again, she had got to 8-0 – the respectable scoreline I’d said I’d be ok with losing by prior to the match. Sadly for me, there were 20 minutes or so still to go in the session!


As always happens when Inferno and I session, the dirty tricks come out. She pulled my chest hair, tickled me, bit me and pinched me while I pulled her hair, tried to attack her with my stubble and also pinched her. She was far more brutal than me – yes, I even lost the dirty tricks battle!
The scariest moment for me came when I accidentally slapped her across the face! She’d won a submission and as we made our way back to the middle, I pretended to slap her. But as I swung my hand around, thinking I’d miss, I connected with her cheek – complete with a follow through!

She looked stunned and then angry. I felt mortified and then terrified when I saw her expression. Luckily, she accepted my frantic and repeated apologies for my stupidity and let me off!

Well, I say let me off but she continued to hurt me in the legitimate wrestling way and by the end she’d secured 14 submissions out of me – two more than the minimum target she’d set herself at the start.

Of course, I finished on the attack but Little Miss Stubborn Sod wouldn’t submit regardless of how much pain she was in. One day. I swear, one day…

So that was that. The 16th wrestling session with my fabulous favourite (excluding the 2 v 1 match she partnered with Jade for)…and I still have no submission out of her!!


What I do have though is many more happy memories to add to all those I cherish from the past four and a half years.

This was a truly wonderful day. And, as I picked her up from home and drove us to the session and then back again, I also got to see her awesome partner Kiwi, her beautiful big puppy and my number one boy Badger and the latest addition to the family, gorgeous pup Laika!

While she is getting better, Inferno is still working to get back to full fitness and the place she wants to be. But that makes her ability and performance in sessions even more impressive. She is going to get even stronger than she already is! And I can’t wait to get battered by her again!

I will repeat this over and over: she is my favourite! If you’ve sessioned her, you’ll get it. If you haven’t then you don’t know what you are missing! Book her!


2017 – The topsy-turvy year


Ups and downs. Highs and lows. A rollercoaster. Let’s throw all the cliches at my year in the wrestling scene!

There were some truly fabulous moments that will live long in the memory but also other aspects that were rather deflating.

The UK session wrestling scene can be the best place in the world when it does things right. A minority of characters can also be tedious and make you question why you bother.

Don’t get me wrong. I really don’t think I’d ever be able to just walk away from it. Hell, I still hung around even when I met there girl I was convinced was the love of my life a couple of years back! So I’m not likely to just leave because of a handful of dickheads.

But, you know, sometimes in life you just have to throw your hands up in the air and shout “FUCK IT!” before going for a smoke or a beer to help chill out again. This scene of ours is no different.

Shall we get the negatives out the way first?

Ari/Inferno’s broken leg.


I’m sure I don’t need to say much about this one. Seeing my favourite wrestler and a wonderful friend suffer the year she has endured was hard to watch. Especially as I felt powerless to actually help. The broken leg was horrendous luck. If anyone deserves a mighty fine 2018 then it’s this incredible beauty. I hope I can help her have a better year.


They just never stop. It’s hard to pick a favourite from this year. I loved them both. Firstly, there was the one who blocked me and insinuated I was a racist sympathiser because I had previously engaged with his arch enemy. Long, tedious story which annoyed me more than it ever should have done. The people who know me know how ridiculous this self-appointed moral guardian is and that is what matters the most.


And then secondly, there’s the charmer who publicly slated me about my “obsession” with Inferno. I’ve never hid the fact she is my favourite and I never will. And so long as Inferno is cool with me (she’d tell me if she wasn’t – that’s what friends do!) then it will never matter what others think. There’s nothing wrong with being a huge fan of someone – something my critic would agree with, seeing as he apparently constantly tweets about his own!! (Oh, the irony!)

Lack of sessions.

I only had three wrestling and one domination session in 2017. Money was a big factor, of course, as well as timing. I tell all these ladies – either ones I’ve never wrestled or ones I haven’t rolled around with for a while – that I want to session with them…and then I don’t. I’m turning into one of those time-wasting fantasists who talks the talk but never walks the walk. I need to get more organised!

Anyway, screw the negatives! Let’s have some positivity.

Ari/Inferno’s return.

Ari Domme4

While the broken leg was devastating, this resilient and determined little wonder made a heart-warming and immensely popular return to the mats! She did shows, she did wrestling parties but, best of all, she re-started sessions! I had one wrestling one and Ari proved she is as good as ever by destroying me…and will get much stronger! She is one of the most remarkable and inspirational people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet. My favourite, my “obsession” (!). I also booked a domination session with her while she was still a few weeks from being able to wrestle. She is a top class Mistress and has introduced me to a whole new exciting world. No amount of negatives will diminish the excitement and thrill I get from sessions with beautiful Ari!

Taking on Ari and Jade TOGETHER!


I showed just how brave and fearless I was by taking on two of the best and most gorgeous around at the same time. It was incredible. I can’t believe I’d never done it before. They were like those velociraptors in Jurassic Park – tactically stalking me and then attacking me with venom and remorselessness! It was fucking awesome!! I’m amazed I could still walk afterwards! Being ‘besties’ mean they know each other so well and work in tandem – even the spontaneous trash talk is in tune! A lot of happy memories were created in just an hour’s session. Getting beaten up, tortured, tickled and mocked by Ari and Jade is a treat I would highly recommend to anyone.

Wrestling Pippa L’Vinn.


If there is a woman in the scene who needs no introduction, then it’s Pippa. I was up in Manchester for the Radiohead gig and found myself with a lot of free time the day after. I initially contacted her to ask about a couple of girls on her books but when they weren’t available I asked Pippa if she could step in. She did and I’m so glad! A phenomenal wrestler, she also turned the session into a bit of a tutorial. It was fun, educational and an honour. I still get a little star struck in her company – something she waves away, being the modest legend she is! One of the best people you could wish to meet in the scene. Highly recommend sessions with her. And her shows!

Monica’s September Show.

MWC - Group 2

Not just going to the show but getting to meet the main woman herself! I’d spoken to her, used her gym for sessions but never met her until a few months ago. The show was brilliant too. I got to see the awesome Antscha wrestle live and met the IMAX lovelies Kat, Lexi and Viper! Monica runs a great ship and all the matches were fabulous. There was a great vibe too. People just wanted to enjoy themselves and enjoy themselves they did! Monica’s an amazing character too – very funny! And she provided pizza for all the punters – what a woman! Certainly aiming to make a show or two of hers next year!

Meeting Antimatterlad


For a long time now, this guy has been a voice of reason on Twitter. Someone whose opinion I value above any other guy in the scene. He takes no shit, speaks his mind and fights his corner. We’ve always got on and so it was an absolute pleasure to be able to meet him for a couple of beers when he was up in my patch for work. We talked about everything that’s good and bad in the scene. We also chatted about work and music – something we both love. Albeit, he can play and I can’t! It might seem like nothing major but meeting this top bloke was another welcome boost and a timely reminder of all that’s great about this crazy game! Can’t wait to do it again – The A Team forever!

So there we are. Ok, more positives than negative so maybe not as topsy turvy as I suggested at the outset. But that’s nothing to complain about. The scene can be wonderful. Remember – support your favourites. Book sessions, buy calendars, sign up to OnlyFans accounts, buy videos from producers…do what you can.

My plans for 2018? Let’s not make plans. Let’s just make it brilliant from start to finish! Enjoy your Christmas and New Year blow outs…