Zoe Page: a fabulous fantasy turned into reality


It’s not unusual for me to be in pain after a session, as you all know by now! But this time the pain was in my cheeks and in my sides from laughing so much.

I didn’t think I could laugh as much in a session as I did the first time I wrestled the delectable Zoe Page but I was wrong. Because here she was again. Cracking jokes, making funny noises and being the utter hilarious delight that she really is!

After my first ever session with her at Ari’s awesome Splosh Day event in June, I’ve been chomping at the bit to meet her again.

With her living out in Spain, her time in England is limited so it was essential I booked up with her now before she flew back for the rest of the year! And boy am I glad I did!


Obviously, Zoe is beautiful and she’s a lady. A gorgeous, classy, sex bomb of a lady! And she is also a fantasy wrestler. She made it clear to me when I first discovered she wrestled that she’s not a competitive grappler.

So, I already knew there wouldn’t be a host of armbars, triangles, elaborate chokes and holds that most girls I’ve wrestled enjoy putting me in and making me submit from.

But what Zoe does do, she does exceptionally well. And, in any case, she has some punishing moves that she’s certainly not shy about using on her victims!

The fun started before we actually hit the mats. I turned up at Dodgy Dave’s amazing place in Woking and Zoe was there looking all fabulous and ready for fun. She treated me to one of her delicious cups of tea before we got down to it.

During our conversations, the laughs had already started and nothing changed as we got set for action. In fact, she laughed so hard that she snorted!! Which, of course prompted more giggles. But she asked me not to mention the snorting so I won’t.

Zoe also wanted to keep her rather funky socks on (hence some of the photos on here!) before she eventually took them off.


And then the wrestling fantasy became reality once again as we started rolling around on the mats. We joked and mocked each other’s attempts at getting the other until…BINGO! I struck first!

My trusty old body scissor finally came back and she tapped!!!! Feeling more confident about myself we carried on and…BOOM! I struck again. Same move, same outcome. 2-0 to the loser!!!!!

Wham! Bamalam! Thank you mam! Now I felt like a real man! Zoe played her part by pretending to be upset at the scoreline but the smiles and jokes kept flowing. As did the underhand moves by both of us.

I pulled her hair and tried to attack her with my stubble that had served me well against other girls but Zoe wasn’t phased at all. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it!! She got her own dirty tricks in by biting me, pulling my chest hair, pinching me and tickling me. All of those had an effect!!

She also remembered to wrestle and attacked me like a thunderball to get me in a body scissor of her own that made me squeal out my submission!


By now though, the wrestling felt like a sideshow to the other entertainment! We were laughing constantly! Zoe carried on her tradition of making strange noises including imitating a lamb and more snorting (but I won’t mention that as she doesn’t want me to…).
I got my hat-trick of body scissors to earn a third submission out of her and I was now closing in on my first win in more than two years!! But who really cared?!

We carried on rolling around back and forth on the mats. We carried on mocking each other and making each other cry with laughter. And we carried on using dirty tricks to try to get an advantage.


Going back to the actual wrestling, Zoe made it 3-2 with one of her own body scissors. She had me trapped between those punishing legs and was not letting me go. When she’s on the attack, she switches to femme fatale mode and it’s hard to resist!

And that was that. A fantastic, hilarious hour just gone in a flash. We were still laughing as the session finished. We were still laughing after the session had finished. I’m still laughing now the day after!

Amongst the hilarity, I had actually won a wrestling match. Fantasy or no fantasy, it still counts. But the truth is I had won just by booking the session in the first place. Zoe is that damn good.


She is a wonderful fantasy wrestler. She can put the squeeze on when the opportunity arises but she’ll have you drooling, giggling and desperate for more in no time. She is the cute, daughter of darkness and totally adorable!

And, like the best wrestlers, Zoe is keen on ensuring you have a great time and enjoy every aspect of the session.

The one thing I always hope my blog can achieve is to inspire other guys to take the plunge and book sessions with the girls. And that’s what I hope will happen with Zoe. Don’t just read about her or talk about sessioning with her…GO AHEAD AND BOOK HER! Trust me, she’s well worth it!

As I left for home, we were already planning our next meeting. And there she was talking about it happening at a zoo! I know, I know…she’s a one off is Zoe!




Toro mixes things up in the squared circle


Take a love of the old British wrestling that lit up Saturday afternoon TV and add a bunch of talented and beautiful pro and mat-based grapplers and what do you get?
Well, an exciting and ever-growing venture called promixedwrestling.com – that’s what!

For the past few months, some of the delightful ladies I’ve had the pleasure to roll on the mats with have been putting their skills to the test in a pro-wrestling ring for this company.

Naturally, I wanted to find out a bit more about it all, so I sat down with promixedwrestling.com’s Vince McMahon-equivalent Toro to find out more about what the company is about.

“I’m Toro and I run and wrestle for a website called promixedwrestling.com. We make pro style inter-gender and women’s matches for download and customs.

“We started producing only mixed contests but people began to ask us to make all female bouts as well, so that’s how we branched out. In fact, we’ve made a few mens customs too and we’re about to wrestle the third of those.

“Most of our matches are filmed at the legendary Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory in Manchester and they have an old school feel – back to the grunt ‘n’ groan days of classic pro wrestling.”

But what is the inspiration for all this and how did it come about?

“I was pro style wrestling as a hobby, watching what a few of us had filmed and I thought other people, like me, might enjoy the action. So, that’s how it started. I also knew that online there wasn’t a huge amount of pro style mixed wrestling being made in Britain.

“As for our old school style, I’ve been a fan of pro style wrestling and women’s wrestling for many, many years. I grew up with Saturday afternoon grappling on TV in Britain in the 70s and 80s and the website is inspired by this for sure.

“Women weren’t seen wrestling on the telly back then but if they had been I like to think the matches would’ve been like the ones we’re making. That’s what we’re aiming for!”


And what of the girls who will be making those sorts of matches we never got to see as youngsters in the 70s and 80s?!

Toro said: “Lisa King has wrestled the most matches. She’s just incredible, the total package with her skills, her looks and how she sells. Lisa can switch instantly from turbo jobber to heel from hell.

“We’re very lucky to get to film with an experienced pro wrestler like her and she’s a sweetheart. 

“We’ve also worked with submission based session grapplers who’ve shown an interest in trying pro style wrestling. London, for example, who wrestles for us as Barefoot Belle was a natural. At 4’11” she was perfect for a mismatch against our super heavyweight Lord Tyrant: 

“We film in a few weeks with Axa Jay, who’s regularly joined our roster, and Laken. There is so much female wrestling talent in the UK right now, as you know, so its exciting to be a part of it all.”

Toro is clearly passionate about pro wrestling and the female talent currently in the UK. But can his own passion and the ability of the wrestlers be translated into success? With mat-based mixed wrestling already big business, is there a market for what he is offering?

“In our first year I think we’ve proved there is. I mean there are some aspects of mat based wrestling that you find in pro style matches – some of the holds obviously and the element of competition.

“But, pro style ramps up the drama with its heroines and villainesses, there’s the ring itself which can be used as a weapon and even the gear.

“Again we’re old school in our outfits, its usually leotards, tights and boots for the women and either singlets or trunks for the guys.”


So, about these matches. What sort of pro-wrestling matches are on the menu?

Toro said: “Well, we script our own contests and we film customs, so between ourselves and the fans we’ve made a lot of different matches so far.

“One sided bouts are always popular and they give Lisa the perfect opportunity to sell her heart out as jobber. So, we created a series of matches called Squashing Lisa King and there are 5 of those so far with at least a 6th to come in the future:

“I’d like to make more mismatches when its clear even before the bell rings that the size difference between wrestlers is gonna mean trouble or maybe a complete surprise, like that Barefoot Belle vs Tyrant match I talked about earlier.

“There are handicap 2 vs 1 matches including Lisa and a wrestler called Brooke Blonde – you may have heard of her manager, Venom😉 – getting revenge on Tyrant:

“As you’d expect, we’ve got tag team matches, men vs women so far, and there are straight up back and forth singles matches. Something for everyone who likes pro style!”


There are some fab girls on the roster already. But who else is on the horizon?

“We’re always looking for new talent because this is one of the things that helps make our site different. For example, we recently tried out two models who were enthusiastic about pro wrestling.

“We called them Hope and Portia Poison and I think they did an amazing job as rookies in the ring:

“There are more London based wrestlers we’re keen to work with too, including the mighty Ina Black. We were scheduled to shoot with Ina earlier this year but circumstances meant it didn’t happen in the end. Seeing Ina wrestle pro style for us is firmly on my wishlist for 2017.”

And what of the men? Anyone who follows my wrestling adventures know I’m not the strongest or most talented wrestler around (to say the least!). So what are the men like?

“Well, speaking for myself, I’ve wrestled for many years now albeit not professionally but I’ve learned from some hugely talented opponents. I’m still learning, like I think every wrestler does, and I always take something away from matches, particularly watching them afterwards.

“Before we started filming, myself and Tyrant had an afternoon’s training with Pippa L’Vinn who has been incredibly supportive of promixedwrestling.com

“As the site grows we’re starting to talk to guys who’re already pros and who have been through wrestling schools.”


As a huge fan of Amy Dumas (aka WWE’s Lita, aka my all-time pro-wrestling goddess), I’m always interested in finding out who other people idolise in the pro scene…

“Have you got an hour? Firstly, I loved Lita too and before WWE she wrestled in the indies as Angelica!

“I typically love the heels, so British female pro wrestling’s all time bad girl was Klondyke Kate, followed by Rusty Blair and Nicki Monroe.

“US promotions, GLOW from the 80s and LPWA in the 90s are staples for women’s wrestling fans and Spanish Red from the former and Lady X from the latter are favourites.

“I mostly now watch indie action and there are too many talented wrestlers to choose from but look for matches with America’s Jordynne Grace and UK based Ozzie Toni Storm.

“Mila Nakini in the US and Wales’ Sierra Loxton are newcomers worth watching. All strong characters and skilled wrestlers. Ok, I’ll stop now!”


So what’s coming up at promixedwrestling.com in the coming weeks?

Toro said: “Well, we’re about to wrestle our biggest ever shoot, so prepare for the return of Axa and Lisa plus Laken’s debut.

“Fans of Lord Tyrant will enjoy some new squash matches to be released. One of them is entitled, Tyrant: Banzai Master in which the big man uses the classic Banzai Drop finisher!

“Also, we’ve been working on bringing a female tag team to the site you will not have seen anywhere else before. We’re excited to be filming with this pair in December, so watch this space.”

And, of course, there’s always the chance to get involved. As Toro himself advises:

“If you got custom requests, ideas, questions or you’re interested in wrestling for us yourself, write to me at promixedwrestling@yahoo.com

“At the moment, we’re particularly looking for male jobbers and Klondyke Kate wannabes!”

You can find out more about Toro and his venture across the following platforms:

Facebook http://facebook.com/promixedwrestling
Instagram http://instagram.com/promixedwrestling
Twitter http://twitter.com/pmixedwrestling
You Tube http://youtube.com/c/torowrestles
And, the site itself is at http://promixedwrestling.com/

I’m a loser, baby…


Will I ever win a wrestling match again? Don’t laugh! It’s a serious question!!

People have called me a ‘jobber’ in the past and think that I just happily allow these gorgeous, kick-ass babes to beat the living crap out of me. And yes, ok, my record certainly suggests that is exactly what I do!

But, believe it or not, I’ve actually won five of my 61 sessions and mini-sessions. Two in hour long sessions and three in 15 minute matches. No, really! And I do try to win every single session!

Winning is not the be all and end all of sessions, of course, and I love this wonderful sport regardless of how badly I get beaten up. But, it’s been more than two years since I was able to taunt an opponent after beating them. And I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever do so again!

I’d have thought I’d be much better by now. After all, I have three years’ worth of experience (admittedly, I only wrestled twice in 2015) under my belt. I’ve stopped smoking too so you’d think health wise, I’d be in a better place.

The reality, unfortunately, has been very different. I feel weaker and less skilled now than I did back in my 2014 “peak” when the last of my wins came.

Inferno v Mike

Yes, I know I’ve been getting badly beaten since day one. I think of never making Inferno tap out in 13 hour-long sessions and one 15 minute mini-session (she’s made me tap 123 times in those matches!).

I think of Venom getting 37 submissions out of me in one match. I think of Axa breaking the 20 mark in all four of our sessions. I think of Minxy making me eat my own knee…

But there were some sessions, even ones where I didn’t win or draw, that I put up a decent fight. I actually made girls submit! In a couple of those Axa matches, I made her tap! I made girls as good as Shay Hendrix and Jade tap! God damn it!!

And yet, in 2016, I have had my ass handed to me every time. Well, apart from my 15 minute mini session with Amethyst which ended in a 3-3 draw. But that doesn’t count so much as she battered me in an hour long match. And the mini session was in oil which helped me greatly. (You don’t think oil makes much of a difference? I wrestled Inferno in oil for an hour and lost 6-0…less than a month after she beat me 12-0 in 15 minutes of normal wrestling!)


So what do I do? People have recommended I have lessons from a legend such as Pippa L’Vinn. And I must admit, I do think I’d benefit from that. She’s taught many great wrestlers, after all.

Or perhaps I should also go to the gym and work out a bit? Those who’ve met me will know that I’m never going to be mistaken for a bodybuilder…

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not despondent and I won’t stop loving my sessions whatever happens in them. I guess I just want the girls to stop laughing at me when I request a session that’s “semi-competitive”. And I suppose I want to get the odd submission in my favour from time to time to avoid the “jobber” label and make me feel less of a loser.

Not too much to ask, is it…?!


Ari sizzles in oil


Phenomenal! Just absolutely phenomenal! That’s the word for my oil wrestling session with my amazing, favourite wrestler Ari.

I really wish I could bottle up the sensational feeling from the match for those times I feel down in my “normal” life!

After 13 full hour sessions and one mini match against her, I thought it was high time I did something different to mix things up a little. Plus I really needed to try something to reverse my fortunes!

In all those sessions, Ari has made me tap out in pain 118 times while I have secured a grand total of zero submissions from her. I never said it was an even rivalry!

But this poor record is never going to put me off. Especially when the session in question is going to see me wrestling gorgeous Ari in oil!

Now, the seeds of my interest in such a session were sown during Ari’s very own Splosh Day event earlier this year.

As well as being a helper on the day and enjoying the messy madness, I had a mini oil session with the punk princess Amethyst Hammerfist. And it was fabulous. Slipping and sliding all over the place as we battled out a frenetic 3-3 draw! Extremely exciting and great fun.

Also on that day, Ari filmed an oil wrestling match with another hottie – Jade! Yes. Ari and Jade. Together. In oil. Oh my…sorry! Got a little distracted with my thoughts then!!

Anyway, you get the picture as to why I am a fan and so I thought I’d put my unbeaten oil wrestling record (!) on the line and fight her over an hour at Dodgy Dave’s place in Woking.


And while this was a new experience as far as our matches are concerned, one thing that remained the same, of course, is Ari’s beauty. As you can see from these photos, she looks as fantastic as ever.

We got oiled up and ready for action. In my head, the oil was going to be a great leveller. She wouldn’t be able to keep her holds locked on as I’d be slipping out of them!

What I’d foolishly failed to consider, however, was that I would have the exact same problem. It was no leveller at all! Right from the start, as we went to go at each other, I slipped on the oil on the mats and she was soon on top of me.

She used her skills to execute a perfect headlock that even the oil couldn’t help me out of and I had to tap! So much for things being different!!

Thankfully, the oil did come to my rescue on many other occasions. I was able to slide out of her many body and head scissor attempts and, at times, she simply couldn’t get hold of me like she easily would if it were a normal wrestling session.


Ari also attempted to lock on grapevines but the oil enabled me to slide to safety.

We rolled around, slipping in and out of each other’s grasps. I even managed to get a few attacks in myself! For the first time in several matches with her, I actually got my body scissors on her! She shouted out in pain a little but managed to fight out of them.

But then I did it again! This time with a head lock at the same time. “Do you submit?!” and “Tap out you stubborn cow!!” were amongst the phrases I shouted out in desperation but to no avail.

Instead she used her incredibly bendy legs to lock on to my ankles and apply excruciating pain. No amount of oil was going to save me and I had to give!

The match wasn’t all honest wrestling, however! Both of us used some pretty dirty tactics to try to get an advantage.

Ari had great fun tickling me, punching me, pulling my chest hair or “Epping Forest” as I like to call it, slapping me and biting me! I was no less guilty with my excessive hair pulling, ear twisting, shoving her face into Epping Forest, using her back as a bongo, slapping and – my new favourite move – burning her with my stubble!! The latter causing the most amount of pain and discomfort!! We were also both committed to giving the other painful wedgies – something Ari definitely proved adept at!


Ari and I were both getting away with this shocking behaviour as the ref – Ari’s awesome partner Kiwi – wasn’t really paying that much attention!

The dirty tricks were all well and good but it was still a wrestling match. And Ari was happily kicking my butt again in that regard. A head scissor which almost crushed my head in the way her thighs have crushed watermelons made me submit almost in tears and in immense pain!

Another head lock made it 4-0 and my unbeaten oil wrestling run was being brought to a spectacular end! I did try more legitimate attacks. I tried to get another headlock on but instead merely hurt her windpipe due to crap technique. Not good. Thankfully she was ok and totally cool about it but I definitely deserved a slap or two for it!

Ari being Ari though was having too much fun destroying me physically and mentally to care about a hurt windpipe (she usually wrestles with around half a dozen injuries anyway!). She bided her time and patiently waited for another submission and it came with a devastating body scissor!

I moaned, I hurt, I told her she was no longer my favourite – the usual whiney stuff.

Eventually time slipped away (a bit like my balance on the oil covered tarpaulin!) and the match was over and a 5-0 easy victory secured by the queen of all things messy – Ari!

And despite me failing miserably again to make her submit to me, I was buzzing. The whole match was a thrilling experience and everything I wanted it to be: very challenging and super fun. And this was down to Ari. I told her what I wanted and she delivered big time.

I’ve said time and time again how she is my favourite but one of the most amazing things about her is how she pushes the boundary and sets the bar higher every time. She seems driven to make each session more memorable – at least that’s how it seems to me!

And, with the humdrum “normal” world doing its best to bring me down, someone like Ari is worth her weight in gold! But I will make her tap out one day, god damn it!!


Angels of Manchester

IMG_4527 (Red Hot Mamas – Pippa L’vinn & Shelby Beach)

WOW! What a weekend!! A fantastic, amazing, wrestling fuelled weekend in Manchester!

It had been way too long but I finally returned to the legendary Pippa L’vinn’s Wrestling Factory for one of her acclaimed shows – Ring Angels – and sessions over Saturday and Sunday.

And it’s days like the two I’ve just experienced which remind me why I fell in love with this scene in the first place.

Ok, here are the girls I either wrestled, watched in action or simply met for the first time: Pippa, Shelby Beach, Inferno, Jade, Scorpion, Lisa King, Axa Jay, Chloe Lovette, Raven, Nexus, Blaze, Vix Enoir and Roxy. Sue me for having a good time in such gorgeous company!

Girls (Photo swiped from Inferno’s Twitter! – Thanks!)

And then I met some of the guys in the scene. Some for the very first time such as Dean Redfern, Fritz Wrestler and Manolo Enrique and then some familiar faces such as Andy from Ministry of Mess, John, Brett the MC, Steve, Wolfgang and loads of others whose names I annoyingly cannot remember!

The line-up of the show itself promised some incredible matches and, sure enough, the ladies delivered.

But it was more than that. The vibe was wonderful throughout. The crowd was up for it, cheering on favourites, booing the pantomime villains…and the girls responded.

Obviously, I won’t tell you who won which matches or give you ideas as to what happened as the clips and DVDs will be on sale soon enough.

But I will say that there are some high energy, quality and fun pro and mat based bouts that you won’t regret treating yourselves to in the coming weeks!

My personal experience of Ring Angels was truly memorable. I opted for three mini sessions outside of watching the show and my intended “victims” were Inferno, Jade and, for the first time for me, Scorpion!

Upon hearing who I had booked matches with and to spice things up, the aforementioned Dean Redfern decided to offer a £10 prize to the one who could extract the most submissions out of me! They didn’t need motivating to beat me up but this gave them something extra – thanks “pal”!

Scorpio Stings


First up was Scorpion. Or “Scorpio”, as she was erroneously and hilariously called during the show! Now, I might never have wrestled her before but I already knew she is strong. And her little intimidation tactics throughout the day had also gotten inside my head to leave me very scared before we’d even started!

And sure enough, I was battered! As soon as we locked up, I realised I was going to be in for a very long 15 minutes! She got a submission with a headlock within the first of those minutes and would have had another point with a pin…but I don’t count those!


Her attacks were relentless and my submissions flowed like water going down Niagara Falls. Head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, triangles, head locks, guillotines and moves I didn’t even recognise all succeeded.

She tried and failed to get an effective grapevine on me but while I started celebrating my escape, she turned it into a single leg grapevine and headlock combo that soon had me squealing.


I did have some success. Right at the start, when we locked up I almost had a head scissor on her. Also, I almost got a body scissor on her. And, my most devastating move did cause her some discomfort – I shoved her face into my chest hair that I have affectionately named “Epping Forest”!

But that was that, as far as my “attacking” threat was concerned. She was way too strong, way too skilled, way too fast, way too smart. She even got a face smother in at the end!


My fears were realised and I’m even flinching now thinking about her coming for me! The final score was huge and she set a benchmark for Jade and Inferno that would be difficult to beat. And I was well and truly battered from the start!

Wrestler MC 0 Scorpion 16

(Milk)Shaken by Jade


There is no rest for the wicked, so they say, and it wasn’t long before I was in for mini-match two with the forever-delightful Jade! And it’s fair to say this match was the most sweaty, intense and non-stop out of the three. It also provided a highly unusual and hilarious first for me!!

I’ve previously had four, hour-long sessions with this beauty but the much reduced time in this one seemed to provoke us into having an incredibly fast-paced and energetic battle! We just went all out for it and barely paused for breath. Especially in the first few minutes.


We were rolling around, jokingly taunting each other whilst Jade was picking up points here and there. But the emphasis was on fun. Jade was more interested in winding me up and making me hurt as and when she pleased! And that led to some underhand tactics!

To start, Jade was very naughty in that, on a couple of occasions, she didn’t let me get up after I’d submitted to one of her painful holds. She just went for another submission as I lay in pain! So, naturally, I had to retaliate. And yes, I’m a little ashamed to admit this but I reached up and grabbed her hair!


She told me to stop. She warned me to stop. But I didn’t. She then threatened to spray me with her breast milk. “Hahahaha”, I laughed. “Yeah, right” I snorted as I continued to pull her locks. It’s only when I suddenly felt a liquid substance squirting out on to my face that I realised she was actually bloody doing it!! Ah, man! This nutter had exposed her breast and was spraying me at will! I was shocked, speechless and covered in breast milk! Jade just cackled!

That’s never happened to me before and I suspect it will never happen again!! Quite possibly the single, most memorable thing to have happened in any of my sessions!! This distracted from the match where Jade too had reached double figures!


Like with Scorpio, my only success was to make her cough and splutter after a trip to Epping Forest. There were attempts at scissors but they did no good. The milk-spraying mama reigned supreme again!

Wrestler MC 0 v Jade 10

Red hot Inferno burns brightly


So to the final mini-match of my Manchester trilogy and it was my amazing favourite – Inferno! Never made her tap in 12 previous bouts and…quelle surprise! I never made her tap in this mini match either!

Now, I’m not always the brightest. And suggesting to her that she wouldn’t get seven submissions out of me in such a short space of time was simply one of the dumbest. She didn’t need any motivation to hurt me but she had something to aim for! And Dean Redfern (Yes, him again! Thanks “pal”!) offered her a bonus £10 if she could get seven or more from me!


She did. Very easily. It was a 15 minute epic destruction. We were in Pippa’s fabulous ring but it was Inferno who was inspired as she charged after me and set about the demolition! Body scissor within a minute and the tone was set.

And the hits kept on coming. Head and body scissors, arm bars, head locks, twist-me-up-like-a-pretzel locks, everything-hurts-too-much blows…she was in fine form and there was no evidence that she had been in a wrestling show and had a number of sessions before we faced off! Such was her energy and freshness!


I almost had some joy when I got her in my own body scissor. She screamed out in pain for a second or two before fighting her way out of it! Stubborn cow! My actual success was taking another lady on another trip to Epping Forest. I knew she hated every second of me rubbing her face in my chest hair!!

But this resulted in no point and only served to make her want to hurt me more. I don’t know what it will take for me to make her tap out…but it sure as hell is fun trying! The final score reflected her overall dominance. Some question my sanity for even daring to take her on after my constant beatdowns! But I’d find it impossible to turn down a session with Inferno. Such is her brilliance!


Inferno too broke the double figure barrier and coasted past the seven target. She got her final one in “stoppage time” that she’d added on to make up for my time-wasting earlier. She doesn’t miss a trick, this one! And she simply does not tap out to me!!

Wrestler MC 0 v Inferno 12

So there we have it. Three amazingly painful mini-matches against three stunning, talented wrestlers. A glorious addition to my trip to the Wrestling Factory! Scorpion took Dean’s £10 for most points, while Inferno got the side-bet tenner for getting way above the seven target! No bonus for Jade but she stole the show with her milk attack! Everyone’s a winner baby!

IMG_4564 (Inferno and Scorpion with their post-session spoils!)

My beatings weren’t quite done though. The next day during a big filming session, Axa greeted me with a punch to the stomach, a guillotine and a body scissor. All while she wore a pretty dress, smiling and greeting me warmly after more than two years since we last saw each other! To quote her: “No idea why I want to hurt you every time I see you!” Yes, thanks Axa!!

It all added to a perfect weekend. And the biggest credit goes to the legend that is Pippa L’vinn! What an amazing woman. Organising the show, wrestling in several matches, sorting out the session timetable, taking care of the wrestlers and being hospitable to all the guys and guests.

Nothing is too much trouble for her, even on what must be stressful events. I’m still in awe and starstruck each time I see her. We couldn’t have a better ambassador for the UK session wrestling scene.


So that was it. A pretty damn perfect wrestling weekend! This scene and this sport has lifted me from some pretty dark times and provided a wonderful, glorious, devilishly exciting separate life from my humdrum world.

And it’s weekends like this one that remind me exactly why I love this scene and the people in it so much.

What became of the broken-hearted?

Ari3  Ari on her way to a 13-0 win in April!

There’s a number of reasons why I probably shouldn’t be writing this blog. Firstly, I’ve had a few beers so brace yourselves.

And secondly, it’s August 6. Might not seem like a significant date to you but it is to me. It’s the day I came out of my fairly short-lived semi-retirement last year. Or, more to the point, it’s the day my former better half decided to dump me into the trash.

I won’t lie. It still rankles. It still hurts. And I’d probably sell a kidney to get back with her again. She is that damn beautiful and wonderful and perfect.

But I also owe it to this fabulous scene and the truly fantastic people involved in it to celebrate the one positive that came out of my heartbreak.

Yes, returning to wrestling gave me an outlet and respite from the self-pitying and general hatred of my “normal life” I have had since August 6 2015.

Sessions reminded me why I became addicted in the first place and interaction with the amazing girls and guys reminded me that there is a world of wonder within the confines of our fetish.

IMG_2941 Ari

At the forefront of all this was, of course, Ari/Inferno. Not just my favourite wrestler but a quite wonderful and dear friend. She was the sympathetic ear when my love life lay in ruins last year, having already given me the confidence and support to go for it when I first met that girl.

I was semi-retired when Ari suffered her horrific knee injury but I was glad to be back in the scene when she returned. I was so proud of her and, despite her giving me a brutal beatdown in my first session after her return from injury, it was so good to session with her again.

And then there was the court case. I haven’t done a great deal in my life that I’m particularly proud of but being there to support my brave, wonderful friend as she faced down the monster that attacked her and ensured he got locked up was one of them. She is amazing and inspirational and beautiful and someone I’m honoured to call my friend.

Back on to the mats, there were more sessions with her. She then invited me to be part of her truly magnificent Splosh Day, which felt like the greatest place in the world to be. Ari introduced me to a messy world I want to be more involved with!

Splosh3 - Gary The Splosh Day lovelies!

I’m looking to have an oil wrestle with Ari next. In the hope a change of session type might bring me more luck! Fat chance I know but at least I get another session with the best!

My coming out of retirement also afforded me the opportunity to wrestle another comeback queen – Jade! Now, Jade is quite incredible. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter Olivia and was promptly back in the scene within weeks and showing absolutely no trace of being a new mother!

Jade2 Jade

In our session, despite nursing a bigger hangover than mine, Jade proved that not only did she still have her strength and skills but that they were even better than ever! The setting of Monica’s new ring just added to the treat! A true delight to wrestle again, another of Ari’s Splosh Day stars and another of my sacred favourites! The scene will always keep me so long as there are girls like Ari and Jade in it!

Wrestling people for the first time is always a cause of excitement and celebration and I was delighted to finally wrestle the punk princess Amethyst Hammerfist at the Submission Rooms in March! She surpassed my expectations for sure. Which, considering I made her my ‘wrestler of the year’ for 2015 before I’d even met her, were very high indeed.

Mistress Zoe was also a huge treat at Ari’s Splosh Day. I was excited to wrestle her after months of trying to arrange something and she was every bit as fabulous as you would expect her to be! For months, it seemed like we were destined not to meet. But the fantasy session was laugh a minute from start to finish. Zoe was as gorgeous as the pictures suggest and I managed to tick off a high entry on my wish list!

Zoe Page6 Zoe Page

Now that I’m fully fledged back into the scene again, I of course have an amended wish list. Top of the pile sits Scorpion, who I’d met in person for the first time at Ari’s Splosh Day. She is gorgeous, she is strong, she looks like she will destroy me…what’s not to like?!

I also want to go to Pippa L’Vinn’s next show where – would you believe it?! – Ari, Jade and Scorpion will be in September! I will also continue to buy fab wrestling videos featuring my favourites – like the three I bought last week from Monica’s last live show at her amazing new place!

Scorpion4 Scorpion

While it’s not perfect, the scene is still a fantastic place to be. It helped ease my broken heart and reminded me of all the fabulous people, places and fun to be had.

I can’t say I’d never do the same again. The course of true love never ran smooth and it hits you when you least expect it. And August 6 has been a pretty tough day to negotiate.What’s a boy in love supposed to do, eh?!

But at least I know I will always have wrestling and all those glorious beauties to add sunshine to my rainy days!

And I thank you all for it.

Total clips of my heart

It’s a funny little scene we have here, isn’t it? One day I get what I consider to be a very rude email from a wrestling producer who tried to demand and guilt trip me into buying their recent clips.

And then the following day, I purchase three fantastic videos from a different studio and am reminded about why I love this sport so much!

As regular readers know, I’m all about the positive. So given my attention has been on wrestling clips recently, I thought I’d start a series celebrating some of my favourite wrestling videos!

They will include clips made by studios, films from live events, customs – anything wrestling/wrestler related really.

Some will date back to the start of my wrestling career more than three years ago and go right through to the most recent ones I’ve purchased. What they’ll all have in common is they are clips I love made by and featuring people I respect.

There are many quality, professional studios and producers who have made so many great clips featuring extremely talented and gorgeous wrestlers that I want to big up and will do so over the coming weeks.

But I thought I’d start with these…

Axa v Inferno – TC Wrestling (tcw0115)


This is extra special for me. It’s the video from several years ago where, by chance, I first encountered Inferno/Araneae!

I’ve written about this before. I was already aware of Axa’s previous wrestling/catfighting work and so I bought this clip as she was in it. Axa was brilliant and beautiful as always in it. So strong and determined with a catalogue of holds she couldn’t wait to use!

But then there was Ari. This red-haired stunner who was mesmerising to watch as she used her incredible flexibility and bendiness to display her array of skills. I’d never seen her before but I was transfixed!


The match was exceptional. Wrestled at a superb pace, two wrestlers with contrasting styles, bringing different weapons to the mats and making for a highly competitive encounter.

They started off wearing bras but soon lost those. But the attire didn’t really matter. There were pins and submission moves galore and both ladies showed why they were then as they still are to this day – a credit to their sport.

I won’t reveal the result, obviously. But I will reveal I was an extremely happy customer. It underlined what I already knew about Axa. And it introduced me to the awesome Ari. We all know what she has come to mean to me and for that, I will always be grateful to TC Wrestling and this truly fabulous video!


For more on TC Wrestling’s clips, visit their site at:

2. Amethyst v Jade – The Submission Rooms (F125)


A more recent video clip, filmed at the last Submission Rooms live event.

This was an exciting prospect for me as it brought together one of my long time favourite beauties Jade and the punk princess Amethyst who had not long exploded on to the scene.

Jade had only recently returned to wrestling after giving birth – not that you could tell by looking at her! She was clearly as fit and strong as ever and demonstrated how she’d lost none of that ability that made her such a fan favourite.


And then there was Amethyst. Not just giving away a size advantage to Jade but also with far less wrestling experience. But she was fearless and bold and it was easy to see just why she’d made an immediate impact with so many. Myself included!

The match – refereed by the wondrous and gloriously dressed referee Pussy Willow – was at times intense, dramatic with plenty of fun moments thrown in for good measure. Both also ladies have rather sexy thigh tattoos which also grab the attention, I must admit!

Again, I won’t reveal the result. But the whoops and applause heard from those watching live was replicated by me watching on film! Jade is a beauty and it was awesome to see her back in the scene and on form. While Amethyst lived up to all the early hype she has enjoyed and will continue to attract. Brilliant stuff.


For more on The Submission Room’s clips, visit their site at:

*Check back for more of my clip reviews in the coming weeks. I have dozens of matches for so many different companies to rave about!