Interview with a wrestler – Serenity Steele


It’s been a while, but I’m back once again with one of my interviews with a gorgeous and talented wrestler in this sport. This time, the lovely Serenity Steele is in the hotseat. Here’s what she had to say…

1. Wrestling Name?


Serenity Steele

2. From (Country)?
3. Vital stats (Age/Height/Weight)?
You should never ask a girl her age 😉
5’2 and I’m around 10.5 stone
4. Company or companies you wrestle for?
Alpha Femmes UK
5. How did you get into the sport of wrestling/what attracted you to it?
I was going through a period of eating totally clean and gymming like a crazed woman – I was in really good shape. I had a fitness/gym shoot which went well and I posted the images on twitter, where MWM saw them and approached me. At first I was very dubious about it as I had no martial arts history at all, and the first month of training I didn’t know how I felt about it. But after sticking with it, I quickly became very addicted and love it.
6. What do your friends/family/partners think of it?
They think I’m crazy! haha
7. Who has been your toughest opponent?
My toughest opponent is myself, as I’m new to the wrestling scene, I’m always self critical about myself. I want to give the guys a good fun match so when they leave they’re smiling. I get really frustrated if I can’t perfect a move, but i am learning and I’m pretty proud that, in the space of a few short months, I have gone from model to a fighting model.
8. Do you wrestle men?
yes I wrestle men
9. How does mixed wrestling differ from wrestling women?

In mma class, I wrestle my girl friends and I find it a lot harder as I’m quite heavy handed and I don’t want to hurt them. Put me with a guy, I’m all over it making him tap.
10. Is there any wrestler (female and/or male) that you’d like to take on?
I grew up watching WWF (as it was previously known) and I loved Trish Stratus!! So I’d love to wrestle her – she’s hot! 
11. Which celebrity would you most like to wrestle?
Without a doubt I’d love to schoolgirl pin Tom Hardy haha! Think I’d quite happily let him throw me about the mats tbh.
12. Do you have a signature move/favourite move that opponents should be wary of?
Scissors. My legs are strong! Hence my surname Steele – I have legs of steel..! Years of bareback horse riding and squatting heavy! Plus I have a nice big booty which I’m proud of! No size 8 – just lots of curves here! 
13. What advice would you give women looking to get into the sport?
Well from my experience, you don’t have to already know martial arts, as I didn’t! But if you don’t, be prepared to work & train bloody hard! 
Thank you to Serenity for taking the time to do this interview. If you would like to book a session with Serenity, please contact her at
You can also catch her on Twitter: @Serenity_Steele
Serenity3 Serenity2

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