Lovely Lisa helps me finish off Fab February in style!


And so my wrestling-packed month, “Fab February”, came to a wonderful end with one of the most fun-packed and yet, closely contested matches I’ve ever had!

For the first time in my career, I faced the ultra gorgeous Lisa King in a private session at TC Wrestling’s Rowley Gym – where Lisa had been doing a full weekend’s worth of wrestling! As she had contributed to this blog via an interview a few weeks ago, I was delighted to finally meet her in person.

I had been told she was a whole heap of fun and I knew she was a lovely girl just from the email exchanges we’d had. And she proved to be a sheer delight when I arrived at TC. Bright and bubbly and even more beautiful in the flesh than she is on her gorgeous pictures.

As an added bonus, another fantastic wrestling star Shelby Beach was also there after her wrestling endeavours so I got to meet them too! Seeing three talents such as these, who I’d heard a lot about but never met until now, in one room made me feel a bit starstruck, if I’m honest! But they were so friendly and welcoming that I soon relaxed.

Both Lisa and myself got ready for the match and, as you can imagine by looking at the pictures, my eyes almost popped out my head when I saw Lisa in her bikini! That’s a Union Jack worth saluting!!

Being from Liverpool, Lisa has an infectious Scouse accent and she lived up to one stereotype by cracking jokes and having a laugh throughout the match! Thankfully, she only joked about living up to another Liverpool stereotype when she told me put my phone away so that she couldn’t steal it!

Anyway, we locked up and I immediately experienced her strength in a head lock. Luckily my wriggling skills helped me out of that one but Lisa was unperturbed and was quick to try other things while I tried to work out where she was and what she was doing!

When I did try to attack, she kept laughing and joking! By this time we were on the mats and rolling around trying to get an advantage. But, despite her stronger start and her amusement at my initial attempts to strike, it was me who drew first blood!

Lisa experienced my strong scissors when I wrapped my legs around her and squeezed! She still seemed to find it funny and at one stage I was thinking they were having no effect! But she then gave and I immediately felt better! My first submission of Fab February having drawn blanks in my last three matches!

My confidence rose but all I did was awake the smiling assassin from her slumber. Minxy had tweeted that Lisa was giving me a “pasting”, so she demanded Lisa not make a liar of her! Lisa was more than happy to oblige!

After some more rolling around and battling for position, Lisa got on top and tried to pin me. She did a quick three count but I reminded her she needed to keep me pinned for the 10 count. We laughed and Lisa jokingly complained this was impossible. I sat there smugly “knowing” she couldn’t pin me.

Which is exactly when she pinned me! She executed a school girl pin and I just could not get out of it as she confidently counted to 10 to level the score. She made it 2-1 soon after with a vicious headlock combined with a partial breast smother.

Lisa was smiling and cheering and I was fearing the worst! But I dug deep and continued to surprise Lisa with the strength of my legs. I levelled the score with a head scissor! Despite this, Lisa kept flashing that gorgeous smile and kept on joking between points!

It was a session with the perfect combination of an intense back and forth battle but heaps of fun in the form of much humour.

But while all this was going on, a great match was evolving and we shared more submissions in a fast paced battle. Lisa executed a perfect arm lock and standing guillotine (forcing me to tap out on her bum!) while I got another body scissor and a head scissor. As we neared the end, the score was 5-5. We were both tired, taking in much needed water but still smiling (in Lisa’s case, laughing! Even when I attacked!!!).

In between the actual submissions, there were some good attempts by both of us. I tried to execute a Boston crab as I tried to get out of Lisa’s scissors (she grabbed my ankles to make me topple over!). Lisa tried to get a log lock on me too but I manage to push her off (via her lovely bum of course!) with my free foot.

There was to be one more submission and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it was Lisa who got it! We had rolled around, battling for position when Lisa locked another punishing headlock on me. We were on the mats and I tried to break free but she was too good. She even trapped my left arm between her legs and applied excruciating pressure! I yelled in pain and tried to get out but it was no good. Lisa laughed, of course, and kindly invited me to tap out. I didn’t need a second invitation!

There were just a couple of minutes left and so I launched into a desperate last attack. Of course, I ended up in another of Lisa’s headlocks instead! I avoided tapping out again but my time was up! Lisa had won! She cheered before embracing me. Both of us were clearly shattered but it was a fantastic session.

And gorgeous Lisa was an utter joy. Always smiling and joking and able to take a joke back! But that doesn’t detract from the actual wrestling. It actually added to it. We had a hard, serious match but wore smiles on our faces all throughout – surely that’s what it is all about?!

Of course, Lisa had completed a full weekend’s wrestling and was tired so I do wonder whether I’d have got close had she been totally fresh. But as it stands, I’ll take a respectable 6-5 defeat to end my mega month of wrestling!

Lisa is a must for all mixed wrestlers out there. Incredibly talented, heaps of fun, wonderfully friendly and beautiful from head to toe.


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