A new approach to traditional session wrestling

Alpha Femmes UK

There is something fresh happening in the UK wrestling scene. While fans were trying to come to terms with the demise of the much loved and widely respected London Wrestling Studios, a buzz was being created with the arrival of an intriguing new proposition.

Alpha Femmes UK has arrived and appears to be offering something fresh and new in the way sessions and events are presented to fans in this country. And the company has already signalled its intent by securing a number of popular and hugely gifted grapplers to its books. These might be embryonic days for Alpha Femmes UK, but you have to sit up and take notice when established stars such as Venom, Inferno, Serenity Steele and Athena sign on the dotted line. Add an exciting looking newcomer Meg and it is certainly a promising introduction!

But what, exactly, is Alpha Femmes UK? How will it work for fans of session wrestling? What is so different about it? I had all these and other questions whizzing around my head so I decided to try to find out and talk to those behind the company and ask them to shed some light. And here is what they had to say.

AF UK: “Alpha Femmes UK is a brand new session wrestling agency set up by a collective of session wrestling industry participants. We offer promotion and booking services for wrestlers, both experienced and novice.”

Sounds great. But how will it work for people who want to session with any of the girls on Alpha Femmes UK’s books?

“The fundamentals of an agency service apply. Clients who wish to book a session can contact us via our alphafemmesuk.com website, or social media profiles; they express a session description, day, time and wrestler if they have one in mind. We will inform the customer of the wrestler’s availability, and then we will identify a choice (if available) of locations for that date. We handle the co-ordination and logistics of the booking.

“Alpha Femmes UK will also hold events, produce custom clips, and will promote travelling wrestlers on a regular basis.”

But how does all this differ from other companies already out there?

AF UK: “The difference is our freshness and infrastructure:”

“We are a collective. Our ethos is ‘we are a village’. Alpha Femmes UK framework consists of management, talent, and stakeholders. We emulate a family organisation. We aim to make this a part of all who are involved, and all who are involved will be a part of Alpha Femmes UK. This will shine through all associates work satisfaction and then reflect on our clients. We have input from trusted service users, associates, and sporting professionals.

“The difference for the customers and wresters is freedom and choice. Unlike other companies, we will not offer sessions in one static venue. We have sourced a selection of rings and mat rooms, along with the known studios. Both wrestlers and customers alike can enjoy discovering new locations which will enhance to adventure and experience of session wrestling. They may be introduced to some newer and more convenient locations.

“We want to bring on board those who want the adventure, whilst at the same time appealing to new industry customers.

“Alpha Femmes UK brings its own individuality to events. We want to bring back the excitement, through the provision of authentic showcases of talent who are not on the regular carousel of studios and events.

“Yes, before you raise the subject, we have some familiar wrestlers. These faces provide a comfortable familiarity, and a convenience of finding them together in one agency. They are not new, but we will make their fight formats new and exciting. 

“Alpha Femmes UK has exciting pipeline ideas, but at the moment it is best to keep them to ourselves. We do not want someone else to implement them. But we will tell you this: It is going to be reminiscent of the old days, whilst following new trends.”

Ok, a practical and obvious question – how much will sessions cost?

AF UK: “The rates are in line with the existing fees. Naturally different specifications will reflect on the standard price, and travelling wrestlers have their named fee. But it will not be different to what everyone else is used to paying. Eg, the standard one hour semi comp, in a typical rate studio will still be £150.”

The website suggests “new experiences not widely catered for” will be offered. Can you elaborate please?

AF UK: “We realise how ambiguous that statement sounds…

“Well we know there is a parallel underground wrestling movement amongst the males. Not necessarily solely for the gay community, there are some men who just enjoy the wrestling. So we will be working in collaboration with this niche, and host regular Male V Male meet ups. It will not be the same format as the Fem V Fem. This scenario is; pay on entry and take it in turns to wrestle each other while a referee and peers spectate. It’s a fun meet up for the guys, gay, bi, or straight.

“Also, as hinted previously, there will be a new take on some of our events.”

This is all terrific. But there are many companies in London and across the UK – do you really think there is room and desire for another one, even taking into account the end of LWS?

AF UK: “At this time only one London studio holds events. UK wide, there is also the Manchester studio. We will have additional product layers to our events, so in comparison, ours will be individual to us. We do not have a crystal ball. But if the interest and business is there, and we have wrestlers the other organisations do not, then yes there is always room.”

Speaking of wrestlers you already have some eye-catching names on your roster! What do you think attracted them to Alpha Femmes UK?

AF UK: “Well naturally we would like to say it is the founders’ charisma and capabilities. But on a more humble view, the wrestlers want something new and fresh. This is their job, every customer assumes the ladies naturally find it as exciting as the customers do, but it can end up feeling laborious or dull at times.”

“Everyone has experienced getting out of bed and thinking ‘Oh no! I have to go to work.’ Well some days the wrestlers can feel this way too.
So when they were informed that our agency was forming, they were very excited. We all need that feeling. It’s great to have them on board this new journey with us.”

So how many more wrestlers are you looking to sign up? Any more big names on the horizon?

AF UK: “Well, that is a good question. Ashley Starr has just agreed to be placed onto the Alpha Femmes UK website for her London visit. A start up wrestler has recently contacted us. We have someone who wishes to return to wrestling following a previous start some years ago, and couple of brand new fresh wrestler applications to chase up. Right now anything and everything can happen.

“You can jump on the Alpha Femmes UK bus, or watch it pass you by. It is your choice.”

And, judging by the early response to them, it sounds like people are already trying to get a seat on this bus. My thanks to Alpha Femmes UK for giving us a little insight into their company. We are certain to hear a lot more from them in the coming weeks and months.

If you would like to get a ticket for this bus, visit: http://alphafemmesuk.com or via Facebook or Twitter.

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