It’s good to talk – and wrestlers do!


Let’s face it – the wrestling scene has a sadly large number of idiots. Trolls who abuse, time waste and beg for discounts amongst many other crimes.

They often succeed in pissing ladies and studios off but lessons are learned and information is passed on to warn others of this behaviour.

So it would take a spectacularly stupid guy who tried to play ladies and companies off against each other thinking they won’t talk to each other, right?

Well – cometh the hour, cometh the stupid troll! Wrestler Inferno recently had the “pleasure” of an exchange with such a troll. Here she lifts the lid on her conversation with this charmer.

“This troll firstly tried to lure me in by asking me if I remembered him, apparently I liked him very much. Then he wanted me to set him up with some filming for a wrestling agency – using the exact phrasing ‘Can you interfere?’ He had already been in contact with said company and several other girls asking the same thing.

“I get a good few emails a week asking to do filming with me, or if I can get them ‘into the industry’. Sometimes I believe they are genuine and want to help out because there aren’t that many guys who are keen to be beaten up, on camera, and have it put on the Internet. 

“So those who I feel are genuine I pass on to the relevant parties who will follow it up further if they require. I’m thorough with asking them about their reasons/who they’ve shot with/sessioned with etc and I do my research.

“However some flashing warning lights go off occasionally and are confirmed with other girls. Some just don’t want to actually have a session and pay for it and believe they are doing us a favour by offering their services. 

“In this case, he was looking to slip through the radar and just be allowed to film. He had already been in touch with others, and asked me to ‘interfere’. He’d been told no by everyone else and was hoping I could sway the tides in his favour.”

Of course, nearly all of these trolls have had glowing praise ravished on them by other wrestlers…at least in their heads!

Inferno added: “I’ve had many emails from others telling me that ‘such and such wrestler said it was okay’ and ‘I’ve worked with x, y, z’ and upon forwarding the emails to said wrestlers, it has not been the case. 

“I don’t know whether they don’t know we talk or they’re hoping that, unlike the mainstream side of life where your references are checked if you apply for a job, that it doesn’t count here. Yes we want to know who you’ve worked with, what their opinion is of you and how you got on,  i.e are you worth our time. Trying to defraud and lie in order to get a free bit of wrestling doesn’t go well for you.

“The genuine guys we appreciate. There is no harm in asking and we are more than approachable and considerate to those who are enquiring. But in checking several girls from the same agency and all saying no, and continuing to breach the walls, makes you look like a tool. A no is a no, even more so if you’ve been harassing the girls.”

Of course, these guys hate getting caught out, challenged and exposed for being charlatans. And the reaction is depressingly predictable.

Inferno said: “Rejection is sad. I am always polite with telling someone no. But apparently no is not their preferred answer and they get insulting. 

“According to said guy, the girls who conferred with me don’t know what they are talking about. I must not remember who he is or how much I liked him, girls are unintelligent and bad looking, if we don’t want to use good looking men then we are stupid etc etc.”

As Inferno says, genuine guys are very welcome and appreciated. But she has advice for those who genuinely want to get involved and, of course, for the idiots:

“Like I said before, we like new people coming into the scene, it’s great. There aren’t a lot of guys who are willing to be filmed not wearing a mask. But don’t assume it’s just going to be a short session. When we require a guy for filming it isn’t usually just a one clip thing. Studios hold a day or two to film lots of clips with lots of girls. I roped my partner into filming and after one 20 minute clip with one girl he had about enough time to change shorts and that was it. It can be hard going, very tiring, and in most, it is fully competitive, which means you are against a highly skilled, very strong woman, trying to hold your own. 

“Don’t play girls and studios off against eachother. We always check between us, it’s like any other job,  if you’ve proven to be incompetent,  idiotic, harassing or dangerous before, we will say no.” 

2 thoughts on “It’s good to talk – and wrestlers do!

  1. zell

    i think the kadies should make a list with this trools or how you say in english. If not ,this message we will see for many years not just from Inferno but from other girls to. When i read this kind of message it gets me angry . You want a service then pay it . Few things are for free in this world. This fetish ,its not . Best of luck

  2. the1 whoserves

    Must say,, always worth asking,, but please respect the ladies and companies i have filmed with lots of ladies and have always had fantastic fun, the fact that it turns me on is a Big bonus,, and i supose for every genuine guy there are countless time wasters and fantasists, , i,am quite old school regarding my approach,m and remember everyone manners do not cost anything but count for a lot..


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