Interview With A Wrestler – Sahara Knite

Sahara Knite

So, I’ve asked another wrestler to step into the spotlight and answer a few questions for my blog! This time, it’s the turn of super, sexy Sahara Knite to give us a bit of an insight into her wrestling career. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Wrestling Name?

Sahara Knite

2. From (Country)?


3. Vital stats?

People get my age wrong all the time…lol…so i’ll keep them guessing! I’m 5ft 4ins  and 54.5KG

4. Company or companies you wrestle for?

I have wrestled for APL and TC/Rowley Gym. Due to some back issues, I dont do competitive wrestling for companies anymore unless I’m actually competing.

5. How did you get into the sport of wrestling/what attracted you to it?

I started training around four years ago and I initially started with doing standup (boxing and muay thai) and moved into training brazilian juijitsu and no gi grappling as I didnt like getting punched in the face..haha!

6. What do your friends/family/partners think of it?

Most of my friends do some form of training either crossfit/Muaythai/BJJ/MMA/Lifting etc so dont find what I do that unusual

7. Who has been your toughest opponent?

I haven’t done that many wrestling shoots/videos so the toughest apponents so far have been during BJJ comps.

8. Do you wrestle men?

Yes but not competitively.

9. How does mixed wrestling differ from wrestling women?

Sometimes there’s not much difference – it depends on who you’re wrestling and what kind of wrestling session they’re after. Most of the time there’s a difference as I find women tend to be more competitive. Some men just want to be pinned all session, which is fine with me.

10. Is there any wrestler (female and/or male) that you’d like to take on?

Not at this precise moment in time.

11. Which celebrity would you most like to wrestle?

Haven’t really given it much thought.

12. Do you have a signature move/favourite move that opponents should be wary of?

I dont have a signature move, but my go to move at the moment is backtake to chokes. I also like reverse and standard triangle. I’ve got strong legs.

13. What advice would you give women looking to get into the sport?

Just go for it. Be prepared to get hurt and get bruises – it’s all part of the learning. It’s definitely not a “girly” sport, but I love it!

Sessions with Sahara are available in Kent only (semi comp/fantasy/ pins/scissors/face sitting). Anyone interested can get more info via email:

You can also custom video bookings featuring Sahara only via Alpha Femmes UK via the link here.

And for more on Sahara – check out her Twitter page @saharaknite  and find her on Instagram here.

Sahara Knite Sahara Knite

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