Pippa’s girls get ready to rumble


It was around a year ago I last spoke to The Submission Room chief Pippa about her first ever live event. And the great news is that went so well that she’s doing it all again on April 23! So I thought I’d catch up with her and get the lowdown on the wrestling feast she is serving up for fans…

“This will be The Submission Room’s third live event. We held our first one in June last year and the second one in December.”

Blaze (Blaze)

Wow, third event? Becoming quite the veteran show organiser! I imagine that, by now, arranging such events is becoming easier and less stressful?

“Yes I would say so. The first one took the most planning because anything done for the first time takes more time and effort.

“I was also very keen for the events to be a success so I probably worried more over the first one! Now I have two successful events under my belt I am relaxed and confident about arranging more.

“It’s actually a lot of fun planning an exciting line up of wrestlers and it’s lovely getting everyone together on the day.”

Inferno (Inferno)

And what fun and excitement is in store for the punters on the day? Quite a lot it would seem…

“This show will be similar to the December although there will be seven fem V fem matches to watch instead of six. So that’s actually better value for money and more amazing matches to watch!

“There will be six female wrestlers taking part: Amethyst, Blaze, Inferno, Karmen, Jade and Miss Kay O. And this time the wonderful Pussy Willow will be dressed in the black and white stripes and will be presenting and refereeing the event.

“After the first four matches there’s a short interval for drinks, nibbles, mingling and catching up with the lovely lady wrestlers and each other.

“Once all seven matches are finished there will be the opportunity to have paid mixed mini matches. These were extremely popular last time with some guys even taking on three of the wrestlers at once!

“So bring something to wrestle in and get ready to get stuck between beautiful, strong women wrestlers.”

Jade (Jade)

That’s a fabulous line-up! Unsurprisingly, Pippa is delighted with the girls she has secured for this show.

“I’m very pleased with the line up this time round. It’s great to get a mix of new faces and old. Its easy to pick a fantastic line up when the standard of female wrestlers in London is so exceptional. I’ve already got plans for the next event line up too.

“From this line up, only Amethyst and Blaze have taken part in previous Submission Room events. Inferno, Jade and Karmen are new to Submission Room events but are certainly no strangers to other wrestling events over the years.

“And this will be Miss Kay O’s first live event, although she’s such a superstar and has attended both other Submission Room events to watch and learn.

“Because of social media everyone knows of everyone else and I know that for those who haven’t met yet, they are really looking forward to meeting at the event.”

Karmen (Karmen)

Indeed we do know all about these extremely talented girls. So has Pippa got anything up her sleeve to add some unexpected spice to an already red hot line-up?

“There will be a surprise at this event. All I will say for now is that if you come to this event you will get to meet a very special up and coming guest wrestler who has travelled a very long way to London to offer sessions out of The Submission Room and is coming to meet you all at the live event. Exciting!”

Sadly, Pippa herself won’t be getting on the mats to show her girls how things will be done.

“I will be on management duties during the event. There will be plenty of action packed wrestling going on, without me needing to get involved! My amazing team has it covered.”

Kay Fucking O (Miss Kay O)

I guess someone has to keep everyone in check! So with a stellar line-up sorted and everything in place, what will Pippa herself class as a successful show?

“The last event had such a wonderful atmosphere. I was so thankful for the incredible help and support shown and myself and the wrestlers all had lots of fun and laughs.

“If the next event runs smoothly and everyone’s smiling, like the last, it will be a success in my eyes. See you all April 23!”

Amethyst (Amethyst)

The event starts at 1pm on Saturday, April 23 and will be held at: New River Studios, 199 Eade Road N4 1DN. Email Pippa for information and to book your place: thelondonsubmissionroom@gmail.com


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