Monica rings in the changes


FOR the best part of the past decade, Monica’s Wrestling Centre in London has been a staple part of the UK session wrestling scene.

But they say a change is as good as a rest and things are set to freshen up for the company when it leaves its current home near Liverpool Street station to a new venue in the capital.

The new place is bigger which means MWC boss Monica can offer even more than she already does. And it will house a wrestling ring – a development that is already exciting wrestlers and customers alike on social media!

And it was this desire to have her own wrestling ring, as well as a determination to not stand still after more than 15 years in the business, that has driven Monica to start this new chapter.

She said: “I have been at my current place for eight years. I decided to move my venue for a variety of reasons: I always wanted to own my own wrestling ring, having a larger studio allows flexibility in the types of matches I offer and I wanted to change the dynamic of the London wrestling scene.

“My new venue allows me to evolve over time. I have been in the business of wrestling for 16 years. I was becoming bored with the usual styles of matches I competed in.

“My new venue will expand my horizons. I am excited to compete in a broader range of matches and to meet new people. Personal growth is very important to me.”


And what of the new venue? Where is it? What has it got? What about this wrestling ring we keep talking about?!

“It is based in Walthamstow on the Victoria Line Tube and above ground from Liverpool Street.  Access to the studio is convenient from all areas of London.

“The studio itself is bigger with a larger mat area and my brand new 12ft by 12ft wrestling ring.  And, because of the high ceilings, wrestlers won’t have to worry about tossing one another around 😉.”

“A wrestling ring is always in high demand if one wants to offer as many forms of competition as possible. I’m booking matches as we speak and my venue hasn’t opened yet.”

When I started out in the scene, one of the first things I heard about Monica’s place were her wrestling shows. The girls and fans were fulsome in their praise and the shows are acclaimed far and wide. A new venue will result in an inevitable change to the dynamic. Fortunately, it promises to be a positive one.


Monica said: “It will add many dimensions to my shows. I was the second person in London after Phil Barrett to offer live wrestling shows (and don’t forget, I offer private tapings as well).

“I plan on offering matches for every fan of female and mixed wrestling and other competitive sports; my new venue opens up new possibilities for all of us.

“I wanted to and will offer more in-ring wrestling than before while still offering matches on the mat.  This was a factor in my decision to move studio: I always wanted a ring.”

And life in MWC’s new home is sure to start with a ring-shaking bang when the opening night rolls round on May 14. What has Monica got planned? Who will be there? What can guests expect? The anticipation is building…

“One can always find the wrestlers appearing at my opening night on my web site:

Monica WC (Monica and the impressive line up of girls appearing on opening night!)

“As far as what our guests in attendance can expect: food, drinks, frolics, and lots of fun. I plan to offer many more live events over the coming years at my new venue yet, there will only be one grand opening live event and I will make this a night to remember for everyone involved.”

But for anyone who can’t attend, it’s reassuring to know that people can still book Monica’s venue as they have always done. But there is the added excitement of the new.

Her motto seems to be to do what she has always done even better while, at the same time, spicing things up and offering fresh challenges for both herself and people in the scene.

She said: “I will offer the same style of sessions as I always have yet with my new ring, who knows what roads I will follow or, even better, build.

“Life is about having fun and enjoying what you do. I have fun as competitor. I take what I do seriously.

“I want to delight my fans. My live show are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our sport in person.  My video downloads are very popular as well.

“I look forward to seeing and meeting as many new and familiar faces as possible. Love and peace always. Monica xxxxx.”


For contact information about the opening night at the new centre, booking sessions, Monica’s roster of talent and anything else, visit her website:


4 thoughts on “Monica rings in the changes

  1. Glenn

    I would honestly love to see her foot on face victory poses. She use to do the best but hasn’t done one in quite sometime. In fact that is the main reason I am thinking about not following her anymore

  2. Glenn

    She needs to start doing foot on face victory poses. She was the one who I thought Did the best but stopped doing them I am about to stop filling her for that reason

  3. Bob

    Does Monica’s place have a smaller, more private room with mats aside from the big one I see pictured on her website? Just curious as I will be haong 1-2 sessions there next month, and I sort of prefer a bit more privacy than all that open space.


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