Wrestling my wonderful, brave friend


Inferno. Araneae. Ari – as I mostly call her. You all know her; she’s my favourite wrestler. She’s a mesmerising talent and stunning girl that is a joy to face on the mats. Ari is also an inspiration. Has been for as long as I’ve known her and probably was before then too.

I’m proud to call her my friend. A friend I love and care deeply about. So I was distressed, shocked and angry about the horrific attack this beautiful and wonderful soul was subjected to. Typical of her bravery, she has waived automatic anonymity in such incidents and written about her ordeal here: www.araneae.co.uk/assault-and-conviction/

Read it. Absorb every last syllable. Share it on your social media. Make sure everyone knows who that scumbag is. But more importantly, make sure every model, every wrestler, every person in this scene – or any walk of life for that matter – knows that what happened to Ari is not acceptable. And it won’t be tolerated. And girls like Ari will be supported. Will be protected. And justice will be served.

I was there for the sentencing and I was more than happy to show her my support, alongside others who did the same. We came from different towns and cities and from different walks of Ari’s life. But we were there for her and her fantastic partner Kiwi. They mean a lot to us.

And, yeah, I was proud of Ari as she stood up to be counted in court. Read out her victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing with her attacker just yards away from her. It was tough to hear for all of us who care about her. But the judge heard it too. And she handed the monster four years in prison.

First and foremost, my trip down south was to support Ari. But then I also debated in my head about asking her about a session. I debated whether that was too insensitive or inappropriate. But I asked and was pleased that Ari was up for it and we booked it for Dodgy Dave’s place in Woking.


And a wonderful session it was too. As you can see from these photos, Ari looked as wonderful as ever. What the pictures don’t tell you is she is getting stronger and stronger. Just two months after our last session, she has improved further.

It almost scares me how strong and tough she is and is likely to build on this soon.The reason for this fear? Well, the fact that I’ve never made her tap out at this point is bad enough. But as she gets even stronger than she already was, then I can kiss goodbye to ever making her tap out.

Surprisingly, I didn’t actually start too badly this time. Ok, an arm lock made me tap after several minutes but then I proved more elusive and defensive to stop her adding to her total for quite a few minutes.

Ok, a headlock made it 2-0 yet that was quite respectable given more than 10 minutes had elapsed. But as it turned out, we were still in ‘warm-up mode’ and Ari hadn’t even started yet!

And soon the scoreline started to reflect her overall superiority. There were more arm bars, headlocks and a body scissor which made me scream so loud that even Ari was shocked at it’s volume.

She also got more and more creative with her holds, as perfectly captured in the photo below. I was every bit trapped and in pain as I look!


My attacking moves were few and far between. In fact, I’m probably using artistic licence by calling them ‘attacking moves’! I tried my usual scissors, headlocks, and a bearhug which was probably more like a cuddle, truth be told.

But I never looked like getting that elusive submission out of her. At any point. My “finest” moment came when I tried to get her in a head lock, she quickly avoided it but I carried on applying it – essentially squeezing the life out of air! Instead, she rolled me over and showed me how it should be done and made me tap out within seconds!

Damage limitation seems to be the only achievable goal for me. But even that seemed to quickly slip from my grasp. Ari set herself a target of beating her previous 11-0 victory. I set myself the target of getting her to talk more to eat up valuable time to prevent this.

With each tricky situation I’d find myself in, the frustration built! I announced my retirement, told her she was no longer my favourite, called her a stubborn cow and had a general hissy fit about getting my ass kicked…AGAIN!

All tongue-in-cheek of course and she easily got to 12-0. In fact, there was time for her to make it an unlucky 13 for me with a final headlock. She sneakily tried to claim a 14th when she dived straight back on top and smothered me before I could get up after the last submission! But this was quite rightly discounted! As if she needs to cheat…!


So there we have it. My 12th attempt at beating Ari, my 12th attempt at even getting one bloody submission (!) comes and goes without any success. I feel like Wile E Coyote trying to catch The Road Runner!

But what was a resounding success was yet another wonderful session with this amazing girl. A grateful hug and those aches and pains signalling a job well done by her! Even more impressive considering what she’d gone through the day before. It would have been understandable if she hadn’t wanted to do the session.

She always does her job brilliantly. She’s my favourite for a reason! Her professionalism, talent and character makes her the wonderful wrestler she is. She approaches everything she does wholeheartedly and, as a client, I couldn’t ask for anymore from her.


I hope you enjoy the photos on this blog, showing her in fine form. And I hope you read this and, from my enthusiasm, enquire about sessions, find out what you both want and then book it and enjoy it.

As well as being a regular client, I’m honoured to be able to call her a friend. A friend I’ve had loads of chats and laughs with and one who encouraged me when I met my better half and then provided a shoulder to cry on and sound advice when it all went wrong.

She didn’t deserve what happened to her. No-one does. And that scumbag had no right to do what he did. Everyone has boundaries and these are made clear. All of us must remember this and treat others with the respect they are due. Here is a link to her blog again: www.araneae.co.uk/assault-and-conviction/

Like I said, read it. Understand it. Share it. It could help someone who really needs it.


3 thoughts on “Wrestling my wonderful, brave friend

  1. Chris

    I read Araneae’s account of her terrible ordeal on Twitter. I know she doesn’t see herself as being courageous but I think she is. I very much doubt that it was the first time that scumbag of a photographer had tried something like that yet nobody else came forward to report it to the authorities. Araneae did and as a result he’s now serving 4 years in prison.
    Like several others I have re tweeted Araneae’s blog and hope her example will inspire others who have the misfortune to find themselves at the mercy of a similar piece of garbage to go to the Police.
    In my experience the majority of guys involved in mixed wrestling and the general fetish scene are decent people, but when we find a wrong ‘un they should be reported to the relevant authorities and made an example of!
    Best wishes to Araneae for the future! (I enjoyed seeing her at Pippa’s recent event).
    Good on you too Mike for supporting her and being there when she most needed it.!

    1. michaelcross21 Post author

      Thanks Chris, that is a truly wonderful comment. I’ve sent it to Ari and she said it was sweet and is really grateful for your support.
      And yes you are right, majority of guys are decent people. Ari said supporters and clients have been great; emailing messages of support her since she posted her blog or getting in touch via social media. She really appreciates it.
      If all of us in the scene stand up to be counted at times like this then that will send a message to scumbags that they won’t be allowed to get away with this. And girls such as Ari will know they are not alone and we have their backs.
      Thanks again mate.


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