Toro mixes things up in the squared circle


Take a love of the old British wrestling that lit up Saturday afternoon TV and add a bunch of talented and beautiful pro and mat-based grapplers and what do you get?
Well, an exciting and ever-growing venture called – that’s what!

For the past few months, some of the delightful ladies I’ve had the pleasure to roll on the mats with have been putting their skills to the test in a pro-wrestling ring for this company.

Naturally, I wanted to find out a bit more about it all, so I sat down with’s Vince McMahon-equivalent Toro to find out more about what the company is about.

“I’m Toro and I run and wrestle for a website called We make pro style inter-gender and women’s matches for download and customs.

“We started producing only mixed contests but people began to ask us to make all female bouts as well, so that’s how we branched out. In fact, we’ve made a few mens customs too and we’re about to wrestle the third of those.

“Most of our matches are filmed at the legendary Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory in Manchester and they have an old school feel – back to the grunt ‘n’ groan days of classic pro wrestling.”

But what is the inspiration for all this and how did it come about?

“I was pro style wrestling as a hobby, watching what a few of us had filmed and I thought other people, like me, might enjoy the action. So, that’s how it started. I also knew that online there wasn’t a huge amount of pro style mixed wrestling being made in Britain.

“As for our old school style, I’ve been a fan of pro style wrestling and women’s wrestling for many, many years. I grew up with Saturday afternoon grappling on TV in Britain in the 70s and 80s and the website is inspired by this for sure.

“Women weren’t seen wrestling on the telly back then but if they had been I like to think the matches would’ve been like the ones we’re making. That’s what we’re aiming for!”


And what of the girls who will be making those sorts of matches we never got to see as youngsters in the 70s and 80s?!

Toro said: “Lisa King has wrestled the most matches. She’s just incredible, the total package with her skills, her looks and how she sells. Lisa can switch instantly from turbo jobber to heel from hell.

“We’re very lucky to get to film with an experienced pro wrestler like her and she’s a sweetheart. 

“We’ve also worked with submission based session grapplers who’ve shown an interest in trying pro style wrestling. London, for example, who wrestles for us as Barefoot Belle was a natural. At 4’11” she was perfect for a mismatch against our super heavyweight Lord Tyrant: 

“We film in a few weeks with Axa Jay, who’s regularly joined our roster, and Laken. There is so much female wrestling talent in the UK right now, as you know, so its exciting to be a part of it all.”

Toro is clearly passionate about pro wrestling and the female talent currently in the UK. But can his own passion and the ability of the wrestlers be translated into success? With mat-based mixed wrestling already big business, is there a market for what he is offering?

“In our first year I think we’ve proved there is. I mean there are some aspects of mat based wrestling that you find in pro style matches – some of the holds obviously and the element of competition.

“But, pro style ramps up the drama with its heroines and villainesses, there’s the ring itself which can be used as a weapon and even the gear.

“Again we’re old school in our outfits, its usually leotards, tights and boots for the women and either singlets or trunks for the guys.”


So, about these matches. What sort of pro-wrestling matches are on the menu?

Toro said: “Well, we script our own contests and we film customs, so between ourselves and the fans we’ve made a lot of different matches so far.

“One sided bouts are always popular and they give Lisa the perfect opportunity to sell her heart out as jobber. So, we created a series of matches called Squashing Lisa King and there are 5 of those so far with at least a 6th to come in the future:

“I’d like to make more mismatches when its clear even before the bell rings that the size difference between wrestlers is gonna mean trouble or maybe a complete surprise, like that Barefoot Belle vs Tyrant match I talked about earlier.

“There are handicap 2 vs 1 matches including Lisa and a wrestler called Brooke Blonde – you may have heard of her manager, Venom 😉 – getting revenge on Tyrant:

“As you’d expect, we’ve got tag team matches, men vs women so far, and there are straight up back and forth singles matches. Something for everyone who likes pro style!”


There are some fab girls on the roster already. But who else is on the horizon?

“We’re always looking for new talent because this is one of the things that helps make our site different. For example, we recently tried out two models who were enthusiastic about pro wrestling.

“We called them Hope and Portia Poison and I think they did an amazing job as rookies in the ring:

“There are more London based wrestlers we’re keen to work with too, including the mighty Ina Black. We were scheduled to shoot with Ina earlier this year but circumstances meant it didn’t happen in the end. Seeing Ina wrestle pro style for us is firmly on my wishlist for 2017.”

And what of the men? Anyone who follows my wrestling adventures know I’m not the strongest or most talented wrestler around (to say the least!). So what are the men like?

“Well, speaking for myself, I’ve wrestled for many years now albeit not professionally but I’ve learned from some hugely talented opponents. I’m still learning, like I think every wrestler does, and I always take something away from matches, particularly watching them afterwards.

“Before we started filming, myself and Tyrant had an afternoon’s training with Pippa L’Vinn who has been incredibly supportive of

“As the site grows we’re starting to talk to guys who’re already pros and who have been through wrestling schools.”


As a huge fan of Amy Dumas (aka WWE’s Lita, aka my all-time pro-wrestling goddess), I’m always interested in finding out who other people idolise in the pro scene…

“Have you got an hour? Firstly, I loved Lita too and before WWE she wrestled in the indies as Angelica!

“I typically love the heels, so British female pro wrestling’s all time bad girl was Klondyke Kate, followed by Rusty Blair and Nicki Monroe.

“US promotions, GLOW from the 80s and LPWA in the 90s are staples for women’s wrestling fans and Spanish Red from the former and Lady X from the latter are favourites.

“I mostly now watch indie action and there are too many talented wrestlers to choose from but look for matches with America’s Jordynne Grace and UK based Ozzie Toni Storm.

“Mila Nakini in the US and Wales’ Sierra Loxton are newcomers worth watching. All strong characters and skilled wrestlers. Ok, I’ll stop now!”


So what’s coming up at in the coming weeks?

Toro said: “Well, we’re about to wrestle our biggest ever shoot, so prepare for the return of Axa and Lisa plus Laken’s debut.

“Fans of Lord Tyrant will enjoy some new squash matches to be released. One of them is entitled, Tyrant: Banzai Master in which the big man uses the classic Banzai Drop finisher!

“Also, we’ve been working on bringing a female tag team to the site you will not have seen anywhere else before. We’re excited to be filming with this pair in December, so watch this space.”

And, of course, there’s always the chance to get involved. As Toro himself advises:

“If you got custom requests, ideas, questions or you’re interested in wrestling for us yourself, write to me at

“At the moment, we’re particularly looking for male jobbers and Klondyke Kate wannabes!”

You can find out more about Toro and his venture across the following platforms:

You Tube
And, the site itself is at

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