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Inferno ignites my new wrestling year!


I swear I had it. I swear Inferno was about to tap. For the first time ever.

Right at the end of a session where I’d obviously gotten my arse well and truly kicked, I caught her in one of my vicious body scissors and squeezed hard.

She screamed out in obvious pain and I’d never seen that look on her face before. I was certain I’d finally got her.

But the stubborn cow resisted! My legs tired and then the alarm went to signal the end of the session! My dream of making her tap crumbles into dust once again!


Anyway, yes, I kickstarted my 2018 wrestling season with a session with my favourite. Of course I was always going to wrestle her first this year. She is wonderful. Talented and beautiful. My favourite, my friend and my ‘obsession’.

We last wrestled back in September while she was still recovering from her broken leg (she still kicked my arse and still refused to bloody submit!). Now she is stronger, although still working her way back to her best.

I couldn’t beat her when she had a broken leg so I didn’t hold out much hope for this one. We wrestled at Dodgy Dave’s wonderful place in Woking and had the added pleasure of seeing the glorious Zoe Page who was there too.

Of course, Inferno didn’t let down on the ‘choosing a great outfit’ and ‘looking great’ stakes. She’s a natural beauty for sure!


With my eyes put back in place after they’d popped out the sockets, we got down to the serious business.

Inferno attacked and I did my best to defend. I managed to fend off her serious attacks for about a minute and a half (might not sound long but count it slowly and it’ll seem quite impressive!) before she went to work.

And she really hit me her best shots! Out came the head locks, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars and, as a result, my squeals of pain.

The first two submissions came with a head lock/body scissor combination while the second was a brilliantly executed cross body pin and arm lock.


Amazingly, it wasn’t all one way traffic. I did try to get on top. I also managed to get my scissors on or almost on before she fought out.

I did make her shout out in agony when I surprised her with a bear hug! Naturally she didn’t submit because she’s a cow and rather tough but at least I proved I can battle with her.

So it was at this point she ramped things up and started doing all kinds of things that left me hurting badly. Her bendy flexible legs attacked me from all angles, my arms felt like they were being ripped out of their sockets and my hand was stinging from tapping the mats hard.

When she got brutal on my ankles forcing me to tap again, she had got to 8-0 – the respectable scoreline I’d said I’d be ok with losing by prior to the match. Sadly for me, there were 20 minutes or so still to go in the session!


As always happens when Inferno and I session, the dirty tricks come out. She pulled my chest hair, tickled me, bit me and pinched me while I pulled her hair, tried to attack her with my stubble and also pinched her. She was far more brutal than me – yes, I even lost the dirty tricks battle!
The scariest moment for me came when I accidentally slapped her across the face! She’d won a submission and as we made our way back to the middle, I pretended to slap her. But as I swung my hand around, thinking I’d miss, I connected with her cheek – complete with a follow through!

She looked stunned and then angry. I felt mortified and then terrified when I saw her expression. Luckily, she accepted my frantic and repeated apologies for my stupidity and let me off!

Well, I say let me off but she continued to hurt me in the legitimate wrestling way and by the end she’d secured 14 submissions out of me – two more than the minimum target she’d set herself at the start.

Of course, I finished on the attack but Little Miss Stubborn Sod wouldn’t submit regardless of how much pain she was in. One day. I swear, one day…

So that was that. The 16th wrestling session with my fabulous favourite (excluding the 2 v 1 match she partnered with Jade for)…and I still have no submission out of her!!


What I do have though is many more happy memories to add to all those I cherish from the past four and a half years.

This was a truly wonderful day. And, as I picked her up from home and drove us to the session and then back again, I also got to see her awesome partner Kiwi, her beautiful big puppy and my number one boy Badger and the latest addition to the family, gorgeous pup Laika!

While she is getting better, Inferno is still working to get back to full fitness and the place she wants to be. But that makes her ability and performance in sessions even more impressive. She is going to get even stronger than she already is! And I can’t wait to get battered by her again!

I will repeat this over and over: she is my favourite! If you’ve sessioned her, you’ll get it. If you haven’t then you don’t know what you are missing! Book her!



2017 – The topsy-turvy year


Ups and downs. Highs and lows. A rollercoaster. Let’s throw all the cliches at my year in the wrestling scene!

There were some truly fabulous moments that will live long in the memory but also other aspects that were rather deflating.

The UK session wrestling scene can be the best place in the world when it does things right. A minority of characters can also be tedious and make you question why you bother.

Don’t get me wrong. I really don’t think I’d ever be able to just walk away from it. Hell, I still hung around even when I met there girl I was convinced was the love of my life a couple of years back! So I’m not likely to just leave because of a handful of dickheads.

But, you know, sometimes in life you just have to throw your hands up in the air and shout “FUCK IT!” before going for a smoke or a beer to help chill out again. This scene of ours is no different.

Shall we get the negatives out the way first?

Ari/Inferno’s broken leg.


I’m sure I don’t need to say much about this one. Seeing my favourite wrestler and a wonderful friend suffer the year she has endured was hard to watch. Especially as I felt powerless to actually help. The broken leg was horrendous luck. If anyone deserves a mighty fine 2018 then it’s this incredible beauty. I hope I can help her have a better year.


They just never stop. It’s hard to pick a favourite from this year. I loved them both. Firstly, there was the one who blocked me and insinuated I was a racist sympathiser because I had previously engaged with his arch enemy. Long, tedious story which annoyed me more than it ever should have done. The people who know me know how ridiculous this self-appointed moral guardian is and that is what matters the most.


And then secondly, there’s the charmer who publicly slated me about my “obsession” with Inferno. I’ve never hid the fact she is my favourite and I never will. And so long as Inferno is cool with me (she’d tell me if she wasn’t – that’s what friends do!) then it will never matter what others think. There’s nothing wrong with being a huge fan of someone – something my critic would agree with, seeing as he apparently constantly tweets about his own!! (Oh, the irony!)

Lack of sessions.

I only had three wrestling and one domination session in 2017. Money was a big factor, of course, as well as timing. I tell all these ladies – either ones I’ve never wrestled or ones I haven’t rolled around with for a while – that I want to session with them…and then I don’t. I’m turning into one of those time-wasting fantasists who talks the talk but never walks the walk. I need to get more organised!

Anyway, screw the negatives! Let’s have some positivity.

Ari/Inferno’s return.

Ari Domme4

While the broken leg was devastating, this resilient and determined little wonder made a heart-warming and immensely popular return to the mats! She did shows, she did wrestling parties but, best of all, she re-started sessions! I had one wrestling one and Ari proved she is as good as ever by destroying me…and will get much stronger! She is one of the most remarkable and inspirational people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet. My favourite, my “obsession” (!). I also booked a domination session with her while she was still a few weeks from being able to wrestle. She is a top class Mistress and has introduced me to a whole new exciting world. No amount of negatives will diminish the excitement and thrill I get from sessions with beautiful Ari!

Taking on Ari and Jade TOGETHER!


I showed just how brave and fearless I was by taking on two of the best and most gorgeous around at the same time. It was incredible. I can’t believe I’d never done it before. They were like those velociraptors in Jurassic Park – tactically stalking me and then attacking me with venom and remorselessness! It was fucking awesome!! I’m amazed I could still walk afterwards! Being ‘besties’ mean they know each other so well and work in tandem – even the spontaneous trash talk is in tune! A lot of happy memories were created in just an hour’s session. Getting beaten up, tortured, tickled and mocked by Ari and Jade is a treat I would highly recommend to anyone.

Wrestling Pippa L’Vinn.


If there is a woman in the scene who needs no introduction, then it’s Pippa. I was up in Manchester for the Radiohead gig and found myself with a lot of free time the day after. I initially contacted her to ask about a couple of girls on her books but when they weren’t available I asked Pippa if she could step in. She did and I’m so glad! A phenomenal wrestler, she also turned the session into a bit of a tutorial. It was fun, educational and an honour. I still get a little star struck in her company – something she waves away, being the modest legend she is! One of the best people you could wish to meet in the scene. Highly recommend sessions with her. And her shows!

Monica’s September Show.

MWC - Group 2

Not just going to the show but getting to meet the main woman herself! I’d spoken to her, used her gym for sessions but never met her until a few months ago. The show was brilliant too. I got to see the awesome Antscha wrestle live and met the IMAX lovelies Kat, Lexi and Viper! Monica runs a great ship and all the matches were fabulous. There was a great vibe too. People just wanted to enjoy themselves and enjoy themselves they did! Monica’s an amazing character too – very funny! And she provided pizza for all the punters – what a woman! Certainly aiming to make a show or two of hers next year!

Meeting Antimatterlad


For a long time now, this guy has been a voice of reason on Twitter. Someone whose opinion I value above any other guy in the scene. He takes no shit, speaks his mind and fights his corner. We’ve always got on and so it was an absolute pleasure to be able to meet him for a couple of beers when he was up in my patch for work. We talked about everything that’s good and bad in the scene. We also chatted about work and music – something we both love. Albeit, he can play and I can’t! It might seem like nothing major but meeting this top bloke was another welcome boost and a timely reminder of all that’s great about this crazy game! Can’t wait to do it again – The A Team forever!

So there we are. Ok, more positives than negative so maybe not as topsy turvy as I suggested at the outset. But that’s nothing to complain about. The scene can be wonderful. Remember – support your favourites. Book sessions, buy calendars, sign up to OnlyFans accounts, buy videos from producers…do what you can.

My plans for 2018? Let’s not make plans. Let’s just make it brilliant from start to finish! Enjoy your Christmas and New Year blow outs…


And An Ari New Year…

Ari Calendars

As most of you will know, Ari has had a truly rotten year. And as a friend it has been hard not being able to do anything of any real significance to change that.

That will never stop me wanting to try, however, and I am determined to help make 2018 a much better one for her – she totally deserves it.

Speaking of 2018, she has already ensured my new year will get off to the best possible start after I preordered her new calendar.

This will be my fifth Ari calendar in a row and I can honestly say that I think they have got better and better each year – especially with the wonderful photographer Mark Page capturing the images. She is his muse after all!


(Mark Page shoots Ari for her 2018 calendar)

Now, I know what a few of you might be thinking. I know some are probably rolling your eyes and thinking: “Here he goes again, going on about her and promoting his favourite obsession” or whatever.

All I’d say in response is, ask yourself why I do it. And the answer is simple. Ari is gold. In sessions, in videos, on social media, as a friend…she excels herself always and the word needs to be spread that we have a unique and special talent amongst us!

And her calendars are no different! They are absolutely brilliant. 13 photos – shot exclusively for this purpose – of this breathtakingly beautiful girl for just £20 is a bargain. To say the least!

Ari - Aug 2017

They are all so Ari too! Mark captures her beauty, playfulness, daring, creativity and the wonder that is Ari’s Bum! We see her in latex, we see her art nude, we see her in unusual scenarios, we see that she can kick ass!

They are worth keeping too once the year ends. Because, as you can see from the photos I’ve posted with this blog, they are fantastic!

I’m not being funny but when I had calendars as a kid, they got binned as soon as January 1 came and a new one was put up.

Ari - June 2017

And let’s not forget – they actually enable you to keep track of the date too! What a bonus for a calendar!

Of course, this is a commercial venture for Ari. But I couldn’t think of a better way to support one of the true diamonds in the scene and get something fabulous to keep in return. She’ll even sign the thing for you!

So, come on, give Ari and yourselves a truly fabulous start to 2018 by pre-ordering her new calendar here.

I promise you won’t regret it. I never have.

Ari - Nov 2017


Monica’s magnificent wrestling show!

MWC - Group 2

Despite a fair amount of interaction over the past few years, I’d never actually met Monica of Monica’s Wrestling Centre in person until last week.

I’d booked sessions at both her old and new venues, interviewed her for this blog and engaged over social media plenty of times so it was high time I got my ass down to one of her shows to meet the great woman at last.

And I sure as hell picked a fabulous first MWC event to go to! Over a week later and I’m still buzzing about it! All eight girls who competed in a total of nine matches were amazing – real stars of the sport.

MWC - Antscha v Lexi

(Antscha and Lexi battle it out! Pic: Monica’s Wrestling Centre)

I’d never met any of the competitors in person before and had only seen Antscha and Gabi on video so it was fresh and exciting to see all “new” girls in action.

I was delighted to meet three of the gorgeous IMAX girls who have made quite an impression since they burst on the scene – Kat, Lexi and Viper. Not only good looking but sweet to talk to and rather brilliant in the ring!

It was delightful watching newcomer Desi along with Gabi, Eli and Leila in action too. As well as being rather easy on the eye and full of smiles, they sure can wrestle!

MWC - Eli v Viper

(Eli and Viper wrestled hard in their bout! Pic: Monica’s Wrestling Centre)

And it was an absolute honour seeing Antscha. I have to admit, I was actually a little star struck seeing her. Heard so much about her and watched so many videos – she is a phenomenal professional.

I wanted to go up to her and tell her how much I admire her but I was scared I’d embarrass myself like an idiot fanboy!

They weren’t the only girls there, of course. As well as meeting and having a great laugh with Monica, it was a pleasure meeting the legend that is Ina Black.

MWC Show - Havanna

I’m also delighted to report that MWC has signed a rather gorgeous girl Havanna (Picture by Victor Kurzweil above)! She was there for a photoshoot before the action started and she hung around for a while afterwards. I’d be lying if I said she hadn’t caught my eye…! 😉

And, last but certainly not least, there was Inferno. I’d gone to the show with her, her friend and her delightful pup Badger. Now, the five-month-old is already a star in my eyes and he certainly charmed and made many friends at this show.

What was also lovely to see was the goodwill so many had for Inferno. She is nearing a return from her broken leg and she certainly felt the love from people there.


(Inferno with her delightful pup Badger! Pic: Tall Martin)

I obviously won’t go into too much detail about the matches as Monica is selling the clips in her store here.

But I will say that they were incredible. The standard of wrestling on show was outstanding. All matches consisted of three, six minute rounds but they seem to fly by in the blink of an eye!

I was asked for my favourite at the end of the show but I’ve changed my mind a number of times so I’m reluctant to pick one now!

MWC - Gabi v Leila

(Gabi and Leila go at it! Pic: Monica’s Wrestling Centre)

The girls gave it everything and that created some instant classics! It was a real joy to be there. The crowd were well up for it too and got involved in the fun.

That was another great thing about the show – the guys who’d come to watch were great! It’s always a treat to meet other session wrestling men at such events and be able to talk freely about our passion.

As well as a couple of old faces, it was nice to meet the likes of “Tall” Martin, Gorbash, Dave and Richard and finally put a face to names I’d heard on social media.

MWC - Kat v Lexi2

(Kat and Lexi in the Battle of the IMAX girls! Pic: Monica’s Wrestling Centre)

A truly wonderful day. And it was all made possible by the magnificent Monica. She’s quite a character and has the devil in her when it comes to winding the punters (and wrestlers) up. But she’s a sweetheart with it and made us all feel welcome.

We are extremely blessed in the UK session wrestling scene and it’s because of the efforts of the likes of Monica that we get to enjoy so much. Her next show is in November. I’d seriously recommend you get yourself along if you are around!

MWC Show

The girls!

Back (L-R): Eli, Gabi, Desi, Monica, Inferno, Kat and Viper.

Front: (L-R): Antscha, Leila and Lexi

Broken leg doesn’t stop Inferno breaking me


Someone once joked that I probably wouldn’t be able to make Inferno tap out even if she had a broken leg.

But it has happened. It has actually bloody happened. I was unable to make the beautiful, talented and injured wrestler submit despite the fact she is still recovering from a broken leg!

My inability of make her tap out has been the source of much amusement amongst those in the scene who know me and this isn’t exactly going to make the taunts go away!

This, of course, isn’t the point though. The point is Inferno is back after six long months out of action and it was overwhelmingly exciting to face off against her once again on the mats at Dodgy Dave’s fabulous Woking venue.


Obviously, she is not quite back at full pelt just yet and is offering fantasy/light wrestling and having to take it easy on that left leg.

She also said she still can’t use her scissors fully as a result of her injury. I was happy with all this as I’d missed wrestling her so much and any session really would do.

Inferno created a nice little twist to this one by making us pick folded up bits of paper out of a bowl with instructions she’d written on them. We’d have to incorporate the instructions into the battle and change only when submissions were gained.

I chose first and picked out “impersonation’! I did my best impersonation of a wrestler for about a minute until I had to tap out for the first of many times!


Yes, Inferno started as she meant to go on by earning her first point with…a head scissor?! SCISSOR?! I thought she said she couldn’t scissor?! Ok, so it wasn’t locked on fully but it still squeezed the life out of my head and left me reeling. Jesus, how strong will her scissors be when she is fully fit again?!

Basically, that set the tone for the rest of the session. We took it in turns to pick paper out of the bowl and then wrestle accordingly.

Obviously the instructions that told us to use a specific wrestling move put her at an advantage – seeing as she can wrestle and I can’t.

For example, her Boston crab almost broke my back while my pitiful effort at a Boston crab merely left her bemused as to what I was trying to achieve. Her arm bar almost snapped my limb in half while I couldn’t apply the hold. Same with the rear naked choke.


Most impressive was her grapevine. Now, if there is one thing I can escape from, it’s a grapevine. No one ever gets me in a grapevine. Fact. That was until Inferno got me in a grapevine! She didn’t have it applied totally but managed to put immense pressure on my left ankle which caused such excruciating pain I had to give!

The less technical and more fun instructions brought many laughs. Topics such as “fun fact about yourself” and “If you ruled the world” are bound to and, no, I’m not telling you what our answers were!

The biggest chortle of the whole session came with “super heroes”. Apparently my attempts at being an angry Incredible Hulk and utilising the Hulk Smash are hilarious. Considering I was trying to earn a submission, that is kind of disappointing!

It wasn’t all one way traffic. I did apply a body scissor a couple of times. But, just like in all the other 15-odd sessions, Inferno resisted easily and worked her way into positions to make me tap instead!


Beyond that, I resorted to my favourite cheating methods of pulling her hair, pinching her, trying to tickle her, bite her, shoving her face into my ‘Epping Forest’ chest hair and, most effectively, using my facial stubble to burn her skin and make her release her crushing holds that she constantly trapped me in!

However, none of this earned me that elusive submission. It all ended with Inferno giving me an eye-watering wedgie – her 10th and final point! We embraced and that was that. The long-awaited return wrestle with my favourite safely done and dusted.

Inferno always looks to pull out all of the stops in her sessions and this time was no different. Considering she is not even fully fit yet, the aches and pains I’m suffering are a testament to just how gifted and strong she is. The thrilling, if slightly scary, thought is she is only going to get stronger and stronger in the coming months!

The session was part of an amazing weekend which also saw me drive Inferno and her beautiful pup Badger to and from Monica’s Wrestling Centre show. The love, goodwill and desire to see Inferno back in full on action was evident there.

Some might think I’m obsessed with Inferno – she is my absolute favourite. I know I’m guaranteed a super session and she’s a smart, fun and rather gorgeous girl to be around and I’m always left looking forward to my next booking with her. If that makes me obsessed then so be it.

The fact that she can perform as wonderfully as she did while still recovering from a broken leg says it all. She’s amazing and if you haven’t booked her for any kind of session…what the hell are you waiting for?!


Brought to my knees by the perfect dominatrix

Ari Domme3

I’d already had an amazing week with my session with Pippa L’Vinn, but things got exceptionally exciting when I booked a domme session with the fabulous Domina Araneae.

Now her broken leg has meant an enforced absence from wrestling and it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’ve missed her!

But there is more to this remarkable and beautiful woman than wrestling. For starters she is an incredible dominatrix. So I thought, why not satisfy my desire for a session with her and experience the most pleasurable pain in person!

It has been suggested that I’m obsessed with Ari. And my response to that is that if wanting top quality, professional, hugely entertaining sessions with a gorgeous talent like Ari is an obsession then I’m guilty as charged!

She is always worth it and, in any case, this isn’t the first time that I’ve gone out of my mat wrestling comfort zone with Domina Araneae!

She introduced me to Splosh at her amazing Splosh Day event last year; she used me as a pin cushion through needleplay; had an oil wrestling session and has subjected me to a couple of incredible beatdown sessions!

I always thought I’d only ever be interested in wrestling but, little by little, she has shown me a different and truly exciting world. So seeing Domina in full flow was a natural step for me.

You see, I trust her implicitly to look after me and ensure I have a truly enjoyable session.

When I booked her, she asked me what my levels were and I told her to surprise me within those boundaries. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I got something truly amazing and memorable.

Ari Domme2

For starters, look at her in these photos. Just look! Beautiful from head to toe. And what an outfit!! She was in the mood for inflicting pain and she sure looked the part!

She let me choose the music to be played and I went for a classic punk selection! The chaotic and anarchic music seemed to fit the immense experience I was about to enjoy!

I thought she was starting off low key when she asked me to light around 20 candles that she had brought with her. But then she instructed me to give her fresh reasons for why she was wonderful for each one I lit.

And when I struggled to light the odd one, I got an extremely hard smack! Ouch!

Things got funnier when she got the money I’d paid for the session and threw it all over the floor, asking me to pick it up without using my hands!!

Domina was most unamused when I struggled and tried to cheat by using my hands. So as well as punishing me with more thunderous whips, I was tied up so I could only crawl and collect the notes with my mouth.

She sat on me to make it more difficult and then made me cluck like a chicken because that’s what I looked like!! She smacked me each time I failed. It was incredibly difficult so I got smacked a lot!

I was reeling from the pain but getting an almighty buzz from it. And we were only just getting started at this point! Domina – who seemed to be enjoying it more and more – was cranking things up a notch with each passing minute.

A gymnastics box gave her fresh ideas as I was made to lie over it with my hands tied to the bars on the side. With the punk music flowing, she asked me who sang a particular track and I inexplicably failed to identify the Dead Kennedys, promoting 10 more whips of my already pain-stricken butt!

Ari Domme4

But that was merely the hors d’oeuvres to the main course of this particular part of the session. Because it was at this point when it became clear that the candles were not for decoration!

The still burning candles obviously produced plenty of hot wax and it was when the first of this landed on my back that I let out a huge scream! What a sensation!

It was an incredible feeling. My butt cheeks were clenched in anticipation just before wax landed on my back. Bless her, she rubbed vaseline all over my back so it didn’t hurt as much. But man, it was still very hot at times!

Like with needleplay, I never thought I’d enjoy having hot wax poured on my helpless skin but it was an extremely pleasurable pain.

Domina Araneae continued to show just what a magnificent mistress she makes as the session progressed. While I was lying on the floor, she sat on my chest and trapped my head between her thighs and bounced up and down, which had me hurting!

But then she put the wonder of the world that is #Arisbum to great use by face-sitting me. Domina was most put out when I tapped so quickly so she got up and did it again with more gusto!

The whips and spanks to my now poor and battered ass continued throughout. I’d grit my teeth and try to keep it all in but couldn’t help it!

Domina tied me up one last time (and enjoyed making the rope burn my skin!) where she first made me kiss her foot before she subjected me to torturous tickling! Once she discovered I am extremely ticklish, there was no stopping her.

Ari Domme1

The final task she ordered me to do was to get on all fours and give her a piggy back around the room…while making chicken noises again!! Seriously, Domina, what’s with those?!

She wasn’t quite done there though. I was forced to put out each candle with my fingers and tell her again why she was so wonderful. I was then made to kiss both her feet this time and a spank later I was free from Domina…for now!

What an incredible session! Domina Araneae was strict but also playful, professional but mischievous and extremely creative, as I expected her to be. But what also struck me was how naturally and seamlessly she went into Domina mode as soon as we started.

Her abilities, her confidence, her desire to entertain and fulfil desires and – of course – her incredible looks make her the perfect mistress. Either for novices like me or seasoned subs!

I’d have never tried this with anyone else. Such is the esteem I hold her in and the trust and confidence I have that she’ll look after me. I felt at ease trying something new and I got to satisfy my Ari session fix!

Afterwards, we went for a drink at the pub where we had impromptu arm wrestles with each hand – she won both times of course. Using crutches has made her arms even stronger than they were before!

There’s a lot more that she does and a lot more that I’ll try next time. And there will be a next time. Wrestling is and will always be the main passion for me. But there’s a whole exciting world out there and Domina Araneae has once again opened new doors for me. And I love her all the more for it!

Ari Domme6

Schooled by the legendary Pippa L’Vinn


‘Legend’ is a tag thrown about all too willingly these days, especially in sports. But I don’t think there can be any debate that the glorious Pippa L’Vinn is worthy of it.

She truly is a wrestling legend – both for her professional and mat-based wrestling work done over so many years with great distinction.

I remember being totally star-struck when I first met her three years ago ahead of one of her famous shows up at Manchester’s Wrestling Factory. Pippa of course was modest and waved away my adulation.

But she deserved it. It was a pleasure watching her at work on her shows, how she made every single person feel welcome and that they were the centre of the universe even on show days when things were hectic and how she arranged sessions.

Always easy to deal with it and so friendly and lovely. I actually got in touch with her on this occasion asking if a couple of girls were free for a last minute session while I was in Manchester.

She tried to arrange it but when they weren’t available she called to apologise. But then it hit me! I’ve never actually had a session with Pippa herself!! All these years and a number of visits to the factory but no session with the main girl?! Time to put that right!

I immediately begged her to go easy on me. I have no real hope of winning any of my sessions, let alone against one of the all time best! She went through how I wanted it, what I liked or didn’t like and we got to it.

As you can see from the pictures, she looks fabulous. She’s even better in person! And she’s every bit as fun and friendly as you will have heard.

We locked up and immediately started getting a feel for each other. Goes without saying that she was much stronger and her ability was light years ahead of mine. But I could see she was thinking ahead and deciding how to get me…and I of course had no idea as to how I was going to stop her!


I actually resisted anything painful for at least two minutes. But then she got me in an arm lock and then applied greater pressure to my wrist and I had to tap.

Soon, the submissions started to flow like water from a tap. A brutal ankle lock was particularly painful while a crucifix – which saw my left arm caught in an arm bar and my right trapped between Pippa’s legs – was devastatingly effective!

This was a huge education! And it was all rather wonderful and dazzling. I was trying my best to get some offensive moves of my own but far stronger and skilled people have tried and failed at the hands of Pippa!

The worrying thing was that she was clearly holding back, as I’d requested. She could have made me tap once every 30 seconds if she needed to!

But I guess there was no value for her in just annihilating me to clock up tap outs and she wanted me to enjoy the session.

Instead, she kept looking for different ways to attack. She didn’t just overpower me and keep using the same moves over and over. She was quick, inventive and creative.

Of course, there were standard moves such as head and body scissors but they seemed to come from seemingly ‘nowhere’ positions when it seemed I was safe!

I was loving every second of it, though. Pippa was very complimentary about my efforts too! She said I was strong for my size, that I had good balance and I was very sporting during combat!

She also congratulated me on a couple of blocks I made when she tried to execute moves. Good to know I have got a defence at times!

My one and only chance at success came when Pippa, for once, let her guard down and I managed to get my body scissor on. I’ve made one of two great wrestlers tap to this and I badly wanted to add Pippa’s name to that (extremely short) list. I tried, I squeezed and I did everything to evade her escape attempts.

But to no avail. Pippa escaped and my chance of some glory was snatched away.


Instead, Pippa continued to dazzle. She got me in a triangle, a butterfly, figure four armlock and most impressively a dragon sleeper.

She wasn’t averse to some legendary L’Vinn tactics either! She tickled me at times when I was resisting her moves and she thought nothing of hissing taunts into my ears as she executed moves!

All of it was in great spirit though. And it made for an even better session! What also lifted the session was how Pippa would give me a few pointers, not just explaining certain moves but showing me too.

She’s an exceptional teacher – there are many girls on the scene who will back that up – and she was happy to share her knowledge and experience.

The hour came and went seemingly in a blink of an eye. It was outstanding. Pippa won at least 15-0. May have even been a couple more – I lost count!

But that really wasn’t the point. For starters, Pippa was wrestling within herself as she didn’t need to go full pelt! Secondly, we chatted about moves and stuff in between which ate up some of her time. And thirdly, it was superb as it was! I do this to enjoy myself and it was exceptional fun.

She even kindly gave me a lift to the train station as it would have been touch or go whether I’d make it for my booked train otherwise! But we had a nice chat about wrestling and agreed to have a longer chat next time I’m up.

Pippa is beautiful in every way. I haven’t done any sessions since my double with Ari and Jade in April but this was a wonderful way to get back into it. And it was an honour to share the wrestling mats with such an icon in our scene.