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Brought to my knees by the perfect dominatrix

Ari Domme3

I’d already had an amazing week with my session with Pippa L’Vinn, but things got exceptionally exciting when I booked a domme session with the fabulous Domina Araneae.

Now her broken leg has meant an enforced absence from wrestling and it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’ve missed her!

But there is more to this remarkable and beautiful woman than wrestling. For starters she is an incredible dominatrix. So I thought, why not satisfy my desire for a session with her and experience the most pleasurable pain in person!

It has been suggested that I’m obsessed with Ari. And my response to that is that if wanting top quality, professional, hugely entertaining sessions with a gorgeous talent like Ari is an obsession then I’m guilty as charged!

She is always worth it and, in any case, this isn’t the first time that I’ve gone out of my mat wrestling comfort zone with Domina Araneae!

She introduced me to Splosh at her amazing Splosh Day event last year; she used me as a pin cushion through needleplay; had an oil wrestling session and has subjected me to a couple of incredible beatdown sessions!

I always thought I’d only ever be interested in wrestling but, little by little, she has shown me a different and truly exciting world. So seeing Domina in full flow was a natural step for me.

You see, I trust her implicitly to look after me and ensure I have a truly enjoyable session.

When I booked her, she asked me what my levels were and I told her to surprise me within those boundaries. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I got something truly amazing and memorable.

Ari Domme2

For starters, look at her in these photos. Just look! Beautiful from head to toe. And what an outfit!! She was in the mood for inflicting pain and she sure looked the part!

She let me choose the music to be played and I went for a classic punk selection! The chaotic and anarchic music seemed to fit the immense experience I was about to enjoy!

I thought she was starting off low key when she asked me to light around 20 candles that she had brought with her. But then she instructed me to give her fresh reasons for why she was wonderful for each one I lit.

And when I struggled to light the odd one, I got an extremely hard smack! Ouch!

Things got funnier when she got the money I’d paid for the session and threw it all over the floor, asking me to pick it up without using my hands!!

Domina was most unamused when I struggled and tried to cheat by using my hands. So as well as punishing me with more thunderous whips, I was tied up so I could only crawl and collect the notes with my mouth.

She sat on me to make it more difficult and then made me cluck like a chicken because that’s what I looked like!! She smacked me each time I failed. It was incredibly difficult so I got smacked a lot!

I was reeling from the pain but getting an almighty buzz from it. And we were only just getting started at this point! Domina – who seemed to be enjoying it more and more – was cranking things up a notch with each passing minute.

A gymnastics box gave her fresh ideas as I was made to lie over it with my hands tied to the bars on the side. With the punk music flowing, she asked me who sang a particular track and I inexplicably failed to identify the Dead Kennedys, promoting 10 more whips of my already pain-stricken butt!

Ari Domme4

But that was merely the hors d’oeuvres to the main course of this particular part of the session. Because it was at this point when it became clear that the candles were not for decoration!

The still burning candles obviously produced plenty of hot wax and it was when the first of this landed on my back that I let out a huge scream! What a sensation!

It was an incredible feeling. My butt cheeks were clenched in anticipation just before wax landed on my back. Bless her, she rubbed vaseline all over my back so it didn’t hurt as much. But man, it was still very hot at times!

Like with needleplay, I never thought I’d enjoy having hot wax poured on my helpless skin but it was an extremely pleasurable pain.

Domina Araneae continued to show just what a magnificent mistress she makes as the session progressed. While I was lying on the floor, she sat on my chest and trapped my head between her thighs and bounced up and down, which had me hurting!

But then she put the wonder of the world that is #Arisbum to great use by face-sitting me. Domina was most put out when I tapped so quickly so she got up and did it again with more gusto!

The whips and spanks to my now poor and battered ass continued throughout. I’d grit my teeth and try to keep it all in but couldn’t help it!

Domina tied me up one last time (and enjoyed making the rope burn my skin!) where she first made me kiss her foot before she subjected me to torturous tickling! Once she discovered I am extremely ticklish, there was no stopping her.

Ari Domme1

The final task she ordered me to do was to get on all fours and give her a piggy back around the room…while making chicken noises again!! Seriously, Domina, what’s with those?!

She wasn’t quite done there though. I was forced to put out each candle with my fingers and tell her again why she was so wonderful. I was then made to kiss both her feet this time and a spank later I was free from Domina…for now!

What an incredible session! Domina Araneae was strict but also playful, professional but mischievous and extremely creative, as I expected her to be. But what also struck me was how naturally and seamlessly she went into Domina mode as soon as we started.

Her abilities, her confidence, her desire to entertain and fulfil desires and – of course – her incredible looks make her the perfect mistress. Either for novices like me or seasoned subs!

I’d have never tried this with anyone else. Such is the esteem I hold her in and the trust and confidence I have that she’ll look after me. I felt at ease trying something new and I got to satisfy my Ari session fix!

Afterwards, we went for a drink at the pub where we had impromptu arm wrestles with each hand – she won both times of course. Using crutches has made her arms even stronger than they were before!

There’s a lot more that she does and a lot more that I’ll try next time. And there will be a next time. Wrestling is and will always be the main passion for me. But there’s a whole exciting world out there and Domina Araneae has once again opened new doors for me. And I love her all the more for it!

Ari Domme6

Schooled by the legendary Pippa L’Vinn


‘Legend’ is a tag thrown about all too willingly these days, especially in sports. But I don’t think there can be any debate that the glorious Pippa L’Vinn is worthy of it.

She truly is a wrestling legend – both for her professional and mat-based wrestling work done over so many years with great distinction.

I remember being totally star-struck when I first met her three years ago ahead of one of her famous shows up at Manchester’s Wrestling Factory. Pippa of course was modest and waved away my adulation.

But she deserved it. It was a pleasure watching her at work on her shows, how she made every single person feel welcome and that they were the centre of the universe even on show days when things were hectic and how she arranged sessions.

Always easy to deal with it and so friendly and lovely. I actually got in touch with her on this occasion asking if a couple of girls were free for a last minute session while I was in Manchester.

She tried to arrange it but when they weren’t available she called to apologise. But then it hit me! I’ve never actually had a session with Pippa herself!! All these years and a number of visits to the factory but no session with the main girl?! Time to put that right!

I immediately begged her to go easy on me. I have no real hope of winning any of my sessions, let alone against one of the all time best! She went through how I wanted it, what I liked or didn’t like and we got to it.

As you can see from the pictures, she looks fabulous. She’s even better in person! And she’s every bit as fun and friendly as you will have heard.

We locked up and immediately started getting a feel for each other. Goes without saying that she was much stronger and her ability was light years ahead of mine. But I could see she was thinking ahead and deciding how to get me…and I of course had no idea as to how I was going to stop her!


I actually resisted anything painful for at least two minutes. But then she got me in an arm lock and then applied greater pressure to my wrist and I had to tap.

Soon, the submissions started to flow like water from a tap. A brutal ankle lock was particularly painful while a crucifix – which saw my left arm caught in an arm bar and my right trapped between Pippa’s legs – was devastatingly effective!

This was a huge education! And it was all rather wonderful and dazzling. I was trying my best to get some offensive moves of my own but far stronger and skilled people have tried and failed at the hands of Pippa!

The worrying thing was that she was clearly holding back, as I’d requested. She could have made me tap once every 30 seconds if she needed to!

But I guess there was no value for her in just annihilating me to clock up tap outs and she wanted me to enjoy the session.

Instead, she kept looking for different ways to attack. She didn’t just overpower me and keep using the same moves over and over. She was quick, inventive and creative.

Of course, there were standard moves such as head and body scissors but they seemed to come from seemingly ‘nowhere’ positions when it seemed I was safe!

I was loving every second of it, though. Pippa was very complimentary about my efforts too! She said I was strong for my size, that I had good balance and I was very sporting during combat!

She also congratulated me on a couple of blocks I made when she tried to execute moves. Good to know I have got a defence at times!

My one and only chance at success came when Pippa, for once, let her guard down and I managed to get my body scissor on. I’ve made one of two great wrestlers tap to this and I badly wanted to add Pippa’s name to that (extremely short) list. I tried, I squeezed and I did everything to evade her escape attempts.

But to no avail. Pippa escaped and my chance of some glory was snatched away.


Instead, Pippa continued to dazzle. She got me in a triangle, a butterfly, figure four armlock and most impressively a dragon sleeper.

She wasn’t averse to some legendary L’Vinn tactics either! She tickled me at times when I was resisting her moves and she thought nothing of hissing taunts into my ears as she executed moves!

All of it was in great spirit though. And it made for an even better session! What also lifted the session was how Pippa would give me a few pointers, not just explaining certain moves but showing me too.

She’s an exceptional teacher – there are many girls on the scene who will back that up – and she was happy to share her knowledge and experience.

The hour came and went seemingly in a blink of an eye. It was outstanding. Pippa won at least 15-0. May have even been a couple more – I lost count!

But that really wasn’t the point. For starters, Pippa was wrestling within herself as she didn’t need to go full pelt! Secondly, we chatted about moves and stuff in between which ate up some of her time. And thirdly, it was superb as it was! I do this to enjoy myself and it was exceptional fun.

She even kindly gave me a lift to the train station as it would have been touch or go whether I’d make it for my booked train otherwise! But we had a nice chat about wrestling and agreed to have a longer chat next time I’m up.

Pippa is beautiful in every way. I haven’t done any sessions since my double with Ari and Jade in April but this was a wonderful way to get back into it. And it was an honour to share the wrestling mats with such an icon in our scene.


Review: Pro Mixed Wrestling – Flexible Foes

Flexible Foes Inferno v Laken

Take two of the hottest and most gifted mat-based wrestlers in the scene, stick them in a ring for a pro wrestling match and what do you get? Grade A awesomeness, that’s what!

It’s been a while since I reviewed a clip for this blog but this one inspired me, especially as it’s a little different to my usual thing.

Inferno and Laken are at their brilliant best, showing off their skills doing something many of us wouldn’t associate them with. It’s billed as dancer (Laken) v gymnast (Inferno) but there’s a hell of a lot more to them than that.


It’s an absolute treat of a match where we see an array of pro moves including boston crabs, clotheslines and bow and arrows alongside some stunningly creative and impressive holds, such as a handstand/scissor combination!

Ever since I interviewed Toro about his Pro Mixed Wrestling venture, I’ve been intrigued. I thought my interest in this discipline ended years ago when Lita left the WWE.

But I liked the cut of his jib and I liked the girls he had attracted to the ring even more so. You cannot go wrong with the likes of Lisa King, Axa and Raven, can you?!

Here, of course, we have Inferno and Laken in Monica’s wrestling ring! It won’t surprise any of you that I chose a clip featuring Inferno. You may have noticed I’m quite a big fan of hers. Some might even call it an obsession! 😉

So I know all about her ability and she excels here. But Laken isn’t just here to make up the numbers. Indeed, she is equally enthralling and entertaining to watch. And equally extremely easy on the eye!

FlexibleFoes Laken

Better still, Laken is clearly a ‘heel’ wrestler. The girl trash talks, she uses dirty tricks and illegal moves and wears a glorious ‘I don’t care for rules’ expression from start to finish.

Inferno is the ‘face’ and, while not exactly shy about retorting, the flame-haired beauty seems more interested in letting her pro wrestling ability do all the talking.

FlexibleFoes Inferno

These differences aside, there is no denying that these two are top talents at the top of their game.

Their strength, speed and flexibility (obviously!) not only puts them in attacking positions throughout but also gets them out of some tight spots.

It is amazing to see how naturally they take to this arena. In my mind they are both brilliant mat-based session wrestlers. So, I was expecting there to be some hesitancy in both of them as they adapted to pro wrestling. But there is no sign of that at all. They confidently donned the leotards, tights and boots and just went at it!


Laken is the aggressor and seems determined to exert her authority on her rival. But in Inferno she finds a strong and stubborn fighter who refuses to give easily.

At times, I winced at the punishment they both seemed to revel in dishing out to the other. How both their backs were still in tact is beyond my understanding. And I’m sorry but legs aren’t supposed to go in some of the angles they were put in – I don’t care how flexible they are!

The action is fast paced with the advantage shifting back and forth throughout. So it’s no surprise that they share the first two submissions in this best-of-three.


So who gets the match-deciding third? Well, you’ll have to download it to find out:
Download: Flexible Foes

Because I’m sure as hell glad I did. I have others excellent videos that see Inferno and Laken in action against one another. This is a fun, exciting addition to that collection.

Toro has got a good thing going on here and these two stunning ladies were clearly inspired in his arena. Wonderful, enjoyable stuff.


Get well soon Ari!


This weekend marks the fourth anniversary of my first ever mixed wrestling session and I often mark this rather significant occasion with a blog looking back at my highs and lows to date.

However, this year, my mind is elsewhere following the absolutely rotten luck that befell my dear favourite and beautiful friend Ari last week.

I was gutted to hear that she had broken her leg because if anyone deserves things to go in her favour, it’s this gorgeous girl.

Thankfully, surgery went well and she is already back home. She’s even planning forthcoming work and sessions – it takes more than a broken leg to keep this remarkable woman down!


I know that she is a strong and determined girl and will bounce back from this, like she has done previously when she has been sidelined through injury.

It wasn’t that long ago she suffered a serious leg injury that kept her out of action for months. I was “retired” from the scene at that point but I still remember being totally gutted.

First and foremost, I was upset to see a friend going through all that pain and knowing the impact it would have on her life and work.

But secondly, not having the option of a session with her if I wanted one felt like the end of the world at that point!!

The news last week did upset me for the same reasons and brought sharply into focus just how much she means to me and how significant she is in my wrestling world!


I know I often repeat myself on social media and in this blog about how she is my favourite and I’m pretty sure there will be some of you rolling your eyes as I talk about her again here.

But, quite frankly, I don’t care as I doubt I’d still be in the scene all these years later if it wasn’t for her!

I’ve had the best sessions with her, I’ve had incredible laughs with her and I’ve been encouraged to try new and exciting things such as needleplay and beatdown sessions by her!


She is an incredible talent. Truly inspirational and thrilling to wrestle or watch in action. Wrestling is an art form when she is doing it.

I will also never forget how she encouraged me to pursue the relationship that led to my temporary retirement and gave me much needed good advice which gave me the confidence I was lacking before I’d spoken to her.

And she said all of this despite me being one of her regular clients and despite her knowing that I would scale back or even completely stop sessioning.

I remember her words, “love is more important”. If that’s not an example of a wonderful friend, I don’t know what is…


Almost four years ago, I had my first ever full hour session with her and I was hooked immediately. The sessions kept coming and each one was special and each one greeted with the same anticipation and excitement I felt before the first very first one!

She has never gotten complacent and has never taken me for granted. I am a client, after all, and her professionalism is always top notch.

Of course, there are many great female session wrestlers out there. I know because I’ve wrestled many of them! And I will wrestle others (old faces and new ones) again soon.


My last session with her was a double alongside her bestie Jade. Jade’s a diamond too, another of my favourites and they make an incredible team together.

But Ari is the absolute best for me. Always has been and always will be. Even if she didn’t break her leg, any look back on my wrestling ‘career’ would have to be dominated by her. 15 sessions and one mini session kind of demands it!!

So get well soon beautiful Ari! The wrestling and fetish scene just isn’t the same without you. And thanks for four years of fun and friendship. And bruises…

Inferno v Mike

Destroyed by my favourite dangerous duo


Sometimes, life is golden. Even when things are tough, something happens that doesn’t just lift the gloom but helps you hit the heights of pure joy.

And for me that moment came when I booked my favourites Inferno and Jade for a double session. I don’t really need to say anymore about how perfect and exciting this session was going to be other than naming them!

Through my constant adulation via social media and this blog, the impact of my praise of both these perfect beauties may have dulled for some reading it. Indeed, I’ve probably run out of superlatives.

But as I say time and time again, they earn every positive syllable. Even after all these years and sessions, booking them is still a thrilling thing. I still look forward to seeing them as I did the very first time. Still get that buzz I did first time around. And I still get my arse kicked as I did the first time around!


So to finally book them both together – well that added a fresh dynamic that, while it wasn’t needed, certainly ramped up the anticipation level!

Alas, my weekend with Inferno and Jade didn’t actually get off to a great start. Train delays for people booked in earlier to Monica’s glorious wrestling centre meant all sessions were running late.

I was the last of the day. So I had to wait a while. But any minor irritation subsided once I arrived, knocked on the door and was greeted by the hyper beauty that is Jade! She and Inferno were finishing off destroying a prior client and I went to the waiting area.

When they were finally ready for me, I got changed and was confronted by the beauties you see in these photos! Inferno and Jade are not just besties but also have a perfect working partnership. Different in looks and character in many ways but the same in terms of talent, attractiveness and their desire to deliver top class sessions.


They have an understanding that is natural and they work like a dream. Even when posing for pictures! And that makes for an explosive and perfect session!

But before my camera came out, Jade started things off by setting up a mock mugging scenario! She chased me around the gym and then got me down. When she gently removed my glasses, I relaxed a bit as I thought she would only be playful. But that didn’t last long as she started trying to “steal” my wallet out my pocket.

I clung on for dear life but Inferno was soon backing her mate up and my wallet was seized. They ignored the money and went through my cards! The library card prompted them to label me a “geek”!!


Eventually they let me go and we moved to the ring for the battle proper. After a brief pause to take photos and videos, the “action” started. Inexplicably, I tried to attack both of them with slaps.

It was the last time I was to be “ahead”. The punishment started and there was no let up from start to finish.

It effectively became a beatdown session with me trying and spectacularly failing to try to fight back.

I actually lost count of the submissions! Which is unheard of for me – but it was relentless! Headlocks, body scissors, arm bars, face sits, arm locks – and much more gave me no chance.


They’d do this individually or as a team. Each time with devastating effect.

I’m a big fan of both their arses but getting one of them in my face as I was trying to battle out of the other’s scissor made life difficult!

Unsurprisingly, I was in immense pain in no time. As nothing was off limit, I pulled their hair, bit them, tickled them, shoved their faces into “Epping forest”…and this unleashed the beast in them!

Inferno bit my arm in retaliation, Jade literally kicked me in the arse. They both started kicking and punching like professional UFC fighters. I replied with bitch slaps and weak as fuck kicks back!

One would hold, the other would attack. Then they’d swap. I had no response. It was amazing!!

Jade shocked me with the power of her kicks. I expected Inferno to pack a whole load of power as she is martial arts trained. But she’s also advised Jade on how to kick with more impact. And boy has Jade heeded that advice!


The taunts came thick and fast too. My whining and cries of pain seemed to feed their desire to attack. The wrestling/beatdown was relentless and I couldn’t do a single thing about it!

My sulking, pained face did little to help me. Like with everything else, it just encouraged them to be more brutal.

They pulled my chest hair, slapped me, attacked my crotch, gave me wedgies and punched and kicked me into next week. They also applied “fish hooks” to my mouth and shoved their stinky feet in my face. It was awesome!

So what was the final score? If it was less than 30 then I’m claiming victory! But I’d take a respectable defeat of 40-0 if offered! I really don’t know how many times I tapped. I just know I tapped a lot!

I was battered. Completely annihilated and boy it felt great. There was a contrast of emotions – the joy and thrill of a great session was tempered with the sadness that it had ended!

But I booked them with full confidence of getting a wonderful session and they totally smashed it.


I make no secret that they are my favourites. That’s not to say others aren’t great. Indeed, I know they are and have wrestled many of them. And I will wrestle more as time goes on.

But I connected instantly with Inferno when I first met her and the seeds of my love of her talent were planted instantly. It was similar with Jade. She blew my mind when I first wrestled her! I’m proud to call them my friends too.

So it won’t come as a shock to anyone that I’d recommend them for a double session. They are spectacular as solo wrestlers, they are double the trouble and double the brilliance as a duo!

I had a truly wonderful weekend. First the session, then hanging around with them after, talking about life, enjoying a meal and drinks. Of course, there will be other sessions with them. But I won’t deny that it was a wrench to leave when the time came and my heart hurts because I’m not still having a laugh with them right now!

I really can’t give them a better reference than that…


There ain’t no party like Monica’s Mixed Wrestling Party


It takes a special, creative talent to come up with a brilliant business idea whilst drunk on a night out.

But that is exactly how wrestler and studio supremo Monica came up with her exciting concept of Mixed Wrestling Parties, that took the scene by storm last year.

In a nutshell, these events involve Monica’s Wrestling Centre being full of a bevy of beautiful brawlers ready to wrestle and take part in fun and games throughout an evening.

Guys pay their entrance fee and get to enjoy all the frolics at Monica’s fabulous new venue and, better still, are given the chance to have mini-sessions with the girls.

And one particular intriguing highlight from the three held last year was undoubtedly the ‘scissor circle’ which, as the photos suggest, are as fantastic as the name would suggest!

Scissor Cricle2

The girls who appeared throughout 2016 read as a who’s who of the UK wrestling scene and the current line-up of the first Mixed Wrestling Party of 2017 carries on in that vain.

So, I caught up with Monica herself to find out a bit more about these parties and how they came about.

“Myself and a few more American wrestlers went on a ‘girlie night out’ one time and we got rather intoxicated!

“As the night got wilder, we began wrestling with big burly bouncers! The crowd’s who gathered to watch found it hilarious and the seeds were planted in my head!

“I thought it would be a good idea to do this professionally…but without the alcohol!

“I’ve wanted to host them for a long time but my old studio was way too small. But I opened my new venue last year and so the parties became a reality.”

Mixed Wrestling Party

And it’s fair to say the parties really have taken off. Monica is justifiably pleased with how they’ve gone.

“My mixed parties are all about getting like-minded people together for the evening to enjoy themselves and to have fun, fun, fun!

“I think guys have enjoyed them immensely because of the fact you can wrestle and meet so many wrestlers in one night without it being too expensive. They are, in one word, brilliant!

“I’ve hosted three so far and all have gone absolutely brilliantly. Everyone has a great time rolling around and having a fabulous time. I’m very proud of myself for what I’ve created and achieved!”

Mixed Wrestling Party2

So what about the first Mixed Wrestling Party of 2017, which will be held on April 5? What can we expect on the night and, for that matter, in the ones that follow throughout the year?

“Fun and games are revealed on the night itself and we never really plan – just go with the flow as, after all, the best nights out are the ones that are not planned!

“I have four more parties planned for 2017 so it’s a case of watch this space. Of course, there are some special treats in store but I don’t want to reveal too much as I don’t want people copying my ideas as it seems they always do! ;-)”

For a list on the confirmed wrestlers to date, prices and details on the parties, visit Monica’s Mixed Wrestling Party page on her website here:

Scissor Circle



The sheer euphoric thrill of play piercing!


It was a sensation like no other I’d ever felt before. As Domina Ari pierced my skin with each of the 20 needles, I experienced an incredible rush. One that I wanted to enjoy again and again.

I had agreed to take part in my first ever needle play session, that was also to be filmed. I am slowly ridding myself of the shackles that have prevented me from exploring my kinky desires beyond wrestling and this was something completely different and daring!

I’ve never been pierced before and I was intrigued by this concept. Given her many talents and the number of different strings to her bow, it came as no surprise that Ari is trained in piercing and capable of such artistry!

She talked me through what would be involved and sent me a comprehensive safety guide which she strongly recommended I read before the session.

There was a lot to take in and a lot to think about but Ari put my safety at the top of the agenda and was reassuring throughout. I trust her implicitly and knew I was in safe hands. And she wanted me to be absolutely sure I was comfortable doing it and, of course, that I enjoy the experience.


If the truth be told, I really wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable doing it! I’d had injections before and never flipped out so I knew I didn’t have any existing issues with needles. But having never done any piercing before, I simply couldn’t tell how I’d react until I was actually experiencing it.

For those not in the know, play piercing involves needles being placed through the skin rather than into the body.

Ari had decided she wanted to show off her nifty needle play skills on my chest and, a couple of weeks before, she dropped the bombshell that I’d have to shave my chest!

My excessively hairy chest that I had affectionately christened ‘Epping Forest’ was perhaps my only weapon against the ladies I wrestle – everyone hated having their face shoved into the Forest! But now, all of a sudden, it was gone. My chest was now fully exposed!

As you can see from photographer Mark Page’s amazing photos, I wore a mask. I won’t lie, my primary reason for this was to retain my anonymity.


But it provided the happy accident that, because I couldn’t see what Ari was doing and when she was going to do it, it built up the anticipation beautifully.

I lay down on the bench and Domina Ari started doing her thing. She told me (and the viewers) that she would stick to quite basic piercing as it was my first time.

My adrenalin was pumping as she used antiseptic to clean the area she was going to put the first five of 20 needles in my chest. I could hear her preparing the first needle and my hands gripped the sides of the bench hard.

I felt the needle touch my skin and I took a sharp intake of breath. As it went in, I felt that split second of pain but then I heard Ari say ‘One’ and I felt a rush of euphoria. It’s hard to explain but it was an amazing feeling. A feeling that only increased with each needle.


After the first five, Ari took a break and checked if I was ok. I was more than ok. When I told her on camera that I was doing good, it was an understatement. I was loving it.

The next five came and went in the same fashion, only the euphoric feeling seemed to grow. The combination of Domina Ari demonstrating her extraordinary talent, the sensation of the needles piercing my skin and that initial moment of pain followed by immense pleasure made this a truly incredible experience.

The fact that I couldn’t see what was going on only added to the thrill. There were other people in the room and they stayed silent for the filming. Except at one point where one guy couldn’t contain his shock at one needle going in. Judging by the sound of his wincing, he probably felt the pain more than I did!

In no time at all, Ari was preparing to pierce me with the final five needles. She went a little more artistic this time and placed them in a circle. She also had to force the needles in a little harder on that particular part of my chest. Yes, the pain increased a bit but so did the pleasure!

And then it was done. I lay there for a few seconds as Ari did her bit to the camera. She checked if I was ok and I was buzzing. I could feel the needles in my chest but there was no pain. Just a tingling, exciting feeling that I’d been part of something incredible.


Ari asked if I wanted to look at her handiwork before she took the needles out but, knowing that Mark had taken excellent photos (his work is always awesome! Check it out his website here), I opted not to. The removal of the needles was totally painless and the buzz remained with me.

I stayed lying down for a while before gingerly sitting up. I started to shake a little and the feeling of euphoria was still with me. I guess the best way of describing it is I felt ‘high’.

Everyone else in the room were giving me a hearty ‘well done’ with one or two saying they could never have done that. And it did feel like I’d achieved! God knows how I’d have felt if Ari had done more than the basics!

Before I met Domina Ari, I’d never have even contemplated this. Starting wrestling was a huge step for me! But from never having been pierced in my life to now wanting to be a pin cushion was remarkable.

And it’s a testament to Ari’s professionalism, talent and the wholehearted trust I have in her that I would make such a jump! I’m already looking forward to more needle play and next time she can be even more creative and daring!

There’s a whole, thrilling world away from session wrestling that I’m having great fun exploring alongside the wonderful Domina Ari. You really should get booking her for whatever of your tastes she can brilliantly cater for! I’ve now ticked off needle play and oil wrestling. I’ve also ticked off beat down sessions with her. But that’s for another blog on another day…